Model, Kate Grant, a 20 year old woman with Down Syndrome, has become a new ambassador for Benefit Cosmetics, and according to her mother Deidre, “is paving the way and she’s giving people a lot of hope as well of what people with disabilities can aspire to.”

Grant made major waves in August of 2018 when she was the first lady with Down Syndrome to win an international beauty pageant: Teen Ultimate Beauty Of The World.

Since then she has gone on to continue her modeling career when Benefit’s team in Ireland came across her on Facebook and fell head over heels with her infectious joy and energy. She, along with several other women, were brought to London in order to shoot for Benefit’s new liquid eyeliner line.

According to Grant’s mother Deirdre, while shooting for the Wing Women campaign, “Kate was just oozing confidence, was sassy and had so much energy. It was a photoshoot and video for social media and she did it with such ease because she enjoyed it so much.”

The feedback from Benefit’s Instagram was overwhelmingly positive with comments encouraging her and the brand for their push for inclusion of all kinds of people. Kate Grant is paving the way for people with Down Syndrome and other disabilities to be included and recognized as humans with just as much dignity as the rest of us.

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