It appears recent life-affirming legislation has not stopped with Iowa. Minnesota State Representative Tim Miller (R) is now sponsoring a pro-life bill which essentially accomplishes the same as Iowa’s protective “fetal heartbeat” legislation.

“As a strong right-to-life supporter, this is a topic I’ve been working on for two years, but questions over a potential court challenge slowed our progress,” said Miller of the proposal. “Recently, lawmakers in Iowa had the courage to pass a fetal heartbeat bill into law, and I have taken their language and adapted it so the proposal can work in Minnesota.”

In Miller’s bill, with the exception of a medical emergency, a doctor must first use an ultrasound to detect if the baby inside a pregnant woman has a heartbeat. If a heartbeat is found, the doctor cannot perform an abortion unless there is a medical emergency.

Miller explained that he knows it is too late to introduce a new bill in this session. Instead, whoever becomes the next Governor of Minnesota will determine the fate of this bill in the 2019 session.

Minnesota is taking a big step in the defense of the unborn, which only confirms the great impact Iowa’s initial bill is having across the United States.

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