In early August Refinery29 and CBS News collaborated to poll over 2,000 women on their political views. While the pollsters focused their attention on the low percentage of women who agree with and support President Donald Trump, their poll resulted in some surprising statistics as to how millennial women (ages 18-35) feel about abortion.

When asked how legal women think abortion should be, only 28% said abortion should be legal in all cases. Furthermore, over half of those polled responded they believe there should be legal protections for the preborn.

The poll also found the policy issue most important to women was not abortion, but healthcare, followed closely by civil rights, equality, and equal pay. Moreover, the poll found that over half of those polled did not identify as feminists.

Refinery29 published a feature story afterward further detailing why millennial women feel that way, interviewing some of the women who took the survey. In fact, one of the reasons for women not relating to feminist movement is the “aggressive push for abortion.”

“Most feminists that I’ve read deny any negative emotional backlash or health risks for women having an abortion, which is extremely disingenuous in my view. Although not all women suffer emotionally or physically after an abortion, many do, and their stories are ignored by mainstream feminism because it doesn’t fit the narrative of abortion being a good thing for women,” one of the women interviewed explained.

The information gathered from the poll shows millennial women are skeptical of colloquial feminism and are interested in protecting the preborn.

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