March For Life Announces Powerful Theme For 2019 Demonstration

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By Erin Jobes

March for Life has officially announced the theme for 2019's demonstration and it hits back against pro-abortion activists who suggest pro-lifers deny science. This coming year's theme is “#UniqueFromDayOne: Pro-life is Pro-science.”

Included in the announcement was a link to a YouTube video, featuring spoken word artist Justus Dominic who expands on the meaning behind 2019’s theme.

In the video, Dominic says there is “no fingerprint on earth, past, present, or future like ours… There is none like you. You are different, peculiar, unique, distinct.”
He goes on to say, “Now imagine, if all of who you suddenly extinct. You existed for a while, but now abruptly aborted.”

Dominic reminds his audience that 60 million babies have been aborted since Roe v. Wade, and he elaborates on the things those 60 million people could have done if they had not been aborted.

He states, “Made in the image of God, we were meant to be fruitful and to multiply. Instead we subtract, divide, and fractionalize.”

A woman with Down Syndrome is also shown in the video with a chalkboard that reads, “While 67% to 90% of preborn babies diagnosed with Down Syndrome are chosen to die.”

The description of the video reads as follows:

“Being pro-life is not in opposition to science… Medical and technological advancements continue to reaffirm the science behind the pro-life cause – that life begins at fertilization, or day one, when egg meets sperm and a new, unique, human embryo is created…

Humanity - and our uniqueness as individuals - begins at day one, at fertilization. Life, in its most vulnerable form, should be protected. That, in essence, is why we march. We march to end abortion, with the vision of a world where the beauty, dignity, and uniqueness of every human life are valued and protected.”

We highly encourage everyone to join us at the March for Life on January 18th, 2019! For more information visit

March For Life Announces Powerful Theme For 2019 Demonstration
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