Today, Democratic Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards took a massive step to protect life in America.

The Associated Press reported earlier today the Democrat governor signed Senate Bill 181 into law. The establishment of the law is still pending as a federal court is weighing whether to uphold a similar law in the neighboring state of Mississippi.

If this bill is not blocked, it will protect children in the womb after 15 weeks, one of the most protective laws in the nation. To add additional shock value, this bill’s primary author was a Democratic state senator.

The Louisiana bill would also impose a prison sentence of up to two years on the abortionist who commits the abortion, as they know full well they are ending the life of a distinct human being.

This development shows a renewed valuing of life in America across party lines. Many pro-life activists have been licking their wounds after a devastating blow in Ireland, but this new law is a great encouragement.

Americans are rising up, sick and tired of our nation’s extreme abortion laws and the extremist representatives which facilitate them. 2018 has already shown to be a reckoning against the abortion lobby which has wreaked havoc on our families and destroyed our communities for decades.

Join the movement and rise up, pro-life America!

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