With over four million online supporters, Live Action is one of the largest and oldest pro-life organizations in the United States. Since it was founded by Lila Rose in 2003 in her parents’ living room, the goal has been to educate young people about the depravity of the towering abortion industry. By 2008, Live Action was legally a non-profit, non-partisan, pro-life organization.

One thing which sets Live Action apart is their investigative activity. They have had their investigators uncover multi-state abortion clinics in their practices of dangerous medical misinformation; discriminatory abortions based on race, sex, and disability; and disregard for sexual abuse, including covering up statutory rape, enabling traffickers, and violating parental consent laws. It is arguably because of Live Action’s brave journalistic investigations that Congress decided to open the first investigation into Planned Parenthood, eight states have revoked taxpayer subsidies from Planned Parenthood, and both houses of Congress voted to defund Planned Parenthood. Former Live Action member David Daleiden has been in court over releasing videos which highlight the corruption of the abortion industry.

Live Action’s media department is a behemoth to say the least. With videos of their undercover investigations, they provide proof of malfeasance in abortion clinics across the country. They have  filmed a former abortionist who provided detailed demonstrations that go over abortion procedures, showcasing the gory truth that abortion is the opposite of healthcare. Live Action also has their own news platform, dedicated to reporting indignities within the abortion industry which mainstream news will never acknowledge. Live Action diligently provides not only a source of proof for pro-life advocates when exposing the abortion industry’s deception, but also shares safe, helpful resources for women.

Anyone can get involved with Live Action’s work in a variety of ways. You can sign up for a newsletter with breaking abortion news and follow their many social media accounts, or be an ambassador and advocate, receiving training and opportunities to defend the preborn alongside Live Action. Additionally, they have a petition calling for the end of taxpayer funded abortion which you can sign and share. You can also sign up to be a monthly donor to their organization, to help fund their work in exposing truth within the abortion industry. They even have a list of jobs and internships you can apply for if you want to work within the pro-life movement.

With a stylish merchandise selection, both men and women can demonstrate their support of pregnant women and their children. They also have a section of their store dedicated to pro-life books and media, all of which can assist pro-life advocates in speaking about their own perspective.  

As recently as September 2019, Live Action has been targeted with censorship by multiple companies within the social media sphere in an attempt to shut down their right to share with the world the shocking evidence they have gathered during their investigative work. Help keep their organization thriving by visiting their site, buying merch, or even by joining their cause outright.

I am 24 with 3 cats and a fiancé. I am a Catholic convert and formerly a pro- choice advocate. I spend my time reading books, cooking, baking, and consuming news about politics and pop culture.

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