Live Action has officially launched a new apologetics series on their YouTube channel teaching pro-life advocates how to reply to common pro-abortion arguments.

It is one thing to say that you are pro-life, but can you defend the values we believe in when faced with those who disagree? This series is helping with just that – equipping pro-life activists with the tools necessary to help others understand what we stand for, and that we have the facts to back up our views.

The first episode of this new series is titled, “HOW TO REPLY: My Body, My Choice” and viewers are taught by Kristen Watson, wife to NFL player Benjamin Watson, and mother to 7 children, two of which are in the womb, what the best argument is for this pro-abortion claim.

“A right isn’t a right if I only apply it to me… A woman’s right over her own body does not include the right to end the life of an innocent human being,” she explains.

Watson covers how a pregnant mother and her child are two separate beings, and gives great examples that can be used when addressing the statement of “her body, her choice.” This sends a message to men who hear “her body, her choice” then think it’s “her problem” and refuse to take responsibility for the safety and care of that baby.

She also says that parents have a natural obligation to care for their child’s needs after birth, so they have that same obligation before birth as well. This is why the father is required to pay child support for the child he helped create.

“The weakness and dependence of children is the reason to give them more care and support, not less. Dependency does not eliminate humanity.”

To keep up-to-date on the series releases, click here. You can also watch the first three videos below:

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