Talking about political and societal issues can be extremely difficult—trust me, I’ve been there. One worries about tarnishing relationships or starting an unnecessary argument, and rightfully so. Many families try to avoid talking about social issues to steer away from conflict. However, countless people also fervently stand up for the causes they believe in. From protesting to lobbying, there are thousands of ways one can further the movements which inspire them.

For Angelique Clark, President and Founder of Life Dress who believes “the lie that abortion abortion is the only or best option for women in unplannned pregnancy is dangerous, disempowering, and needs to be stopped,” this meant designing clothing which fearlessly expresses pro-life values.

Growing up, Clark had a passion for the arts and constantly found herself fascinated with fashion, knowing she would one day pursue a career or a hobby in the field. As she began to work full-time in the pro-life movement, she quickly realized the “only logical move [was] to fuse [her] passion for life and passion for art together.”

Clark courageously and beautifully creates a wide variety of pro-life clothing and provides her customers with the option of creating custom pro-life wear. Considering the uniqueness and detail found in Life Dress’s clothing as evidenced below, Clark undoubtedly requires a large amount of motivation in order to continue her work. As she creates her masterpieces, she thinks “about the thousands of little ones that are being taken by abortion at every moment.”

According to Clark herself, the profit produced from the clothing she creates goes to 3 places:

  1. College scholarships for pregnant and parenting students who have struggled in their decision to choose life, but persevered anyway.
  2. The funding of educational resources and events which raise awareness about the pro-life movement and its goal on a national scale.
  3. Funding for the resources, advertising, etc. which spreads the mission and passion of Life Dress all over the world.

In the future, Clark hopes to watch Life Dress grow into an immense organization to further the growth of the pro-life movement and save lives. She believes the “more Life Dresses, the more conversations, the more hearts and minds moved, and ultimately, the more preborn babies and mothers spared the trauma of abortion.” Her ultimate goal is to creatively instill the message of Life Dress into every American citizen to save as many preborn children from the horrors of abortion as possible, and to see an end to the genocide which has taken the lives of over 60 million preborn children and wounded the family members of those taken from us.

“Because Life Dress is more than just a fashion line. It’s a movement.”

You can find Angelique’s unique creations for sale here, as well as find out more about how to order a custom dress here. You can also read more about her ambitious plans for 2020 here.

Photo credit: Thanks to Angelique for the use of the photo for this article!

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