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Let Them Live is a non-profit organization founded in October of 2017 by pro-life advocates Emily and Nathan Berning when they saw a financial need in the pro-life movement and set out to fill it.

Studies show up to 73% of expecting mothers who have an abortion do so because of financial strain. Let Them Live offers financial assistance and guidance to mothers who want to choose life, but feel that their circumstances keep them from doing so.

In founding this organization, Nathan and Emily joined the front lines in the fight for life. However, their mission differs from many, in that they focus on both the mother and the child she’s carrying. Their goal is to promote quality of life for all whom they aid.

In a recent online seminar, Emily stated in reference to a case where a mother was being paid to have an abortion, “If abortion is funding death, we should be funding life.”

They take a proactive stance in saving lives. Their inspiration comes from Oskar Schindler whose story was told in the movie, Schindler’s List. He saved the lives of 1,200 Jews during the Holocaust by employing them. Giving them financial aid saved their lives. The soldiers who fought in the war were important. They were fighting for policy change and to make such racial injustices illegal. Much in the same way, activists and those who fund policy change are important to the pro-life movement today.

Everyone in the fight is working and hoping for a future without abortion but every fight needs people like Oskar Schindler and Emily and Nathan Berning. Every war needs those who are willing to focus on the right now.

There have been over twelve million abortions worldwide since January of 2020. Saving lives right now is something that cannot be discarded in pursuit of changing the future. Both goals can work together.

Since its founding, Let Them Live has helped thirty-seven mothers choose life. Six of these babies have been born, three since March of this year. The level and type of help vary with each case, but in each instance, the mothers are provided with counseling and some form of financial aid, be it assistance with schooling, housing, groceries, or medical bills. Let Them Live comes alongside at-risk mothers and shows them they are not alone and have a community that wants to support them.

They walk with them through the trials and joys. Because of Let Them Live, and all of their donors, six children are alive today, with thirty-one more on the way, who otherwise might not have been given the chance to live.

They focus on the women and break the stigma that pro-life is not pro-woman. Emily points out, “Ultimately the women will be the ones walking in or out of that clinic.” Helping them have the freedom to remove the financial factor from such an important decision is paramount.

In order for this organization to continue to grow and aid more people, they need the support of the pro-life community. Following them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter helps Let Them Live broaden their community and their influence.

In donating to and sharing their fundraising campaigns, anyone can help fund life.

When asked what she would tell the world about the power of choosing life, Emily responded, “Choosing life is generational. One life can change the entire world.”

Her statement serves as a wonderful reminder to keep fighting and supporting the right to life. In those famed words at the end of Schindler’s List, “Whoever saves one life, saved the world entire.”

Emily, Nathan, and a Let them Live baby saved

Thanks to Emily and Nathan for allowing us use of the photos in this article.


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