Nobody likes loss and yet it’s something we all have to face throughout our lives. And ultimately, one day we will experience the loss of our own life. 

Some humans experience 100 years of life while others only experience a few days of life in their mother’s womb. The time allotted for an individual no matter how long or short is a gift. Why? Because the presence of love is there. 

An unborn child loves his or her mom. She is the only person they know, and they wouldn’t have life without her. Even if that mother chose to end the life of her child, the result isn’t nothing, nor a return to life as it was before. The result is a loss and a separation of love. 

The pro-life movement is a movement of love. Pro-choice advocates say the mother has no money; the mother has no support – you couldn’t possibly love the mother because keeping the child would be extremely difficult. They don’t realize that true love requires sacrifice. Getting to experience love is worth the cost of any pain that may come alongside it. 

Take for example, the love of a pet. The day you bring home a cute, new puppy, rarely does one think about that the day will come when it’s time to say goodbye. Should you never get a pet because you don’t want to get attached and therefore feel pain one day? No, because then you will also miss many years of love. 

Caitie Crowley, author of Stepping Up, just released a new children’s book titled, I Have A Friend In Heaven. The goal of the book is to help kids learn how to grieve from a Christian perspective. To learn more about this book, click here.  

There is much to be learned through loss and much to be gained through love. 

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