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Human Defense Initiative is excited to announce our latest registry for an expecting mother in need!

Kenya is a young mom experiencing a high-risk pregnancy so her baby boy could arrive any day! Despite only being 21 years old, Kenya suffers from both arthritis and Sjögren’s syndrome and is currently undergoing tests for a possible case of Lupus. Because of this, the pregnancy has been extremely difficult on her body since she cannot take her medication nor have the surgeries she needs while pregnant but she knew she still had to choose life for her son. 

“Pregnancy is doing my body more harm than good. It’s hurting me to keep him but I must do it,” she explained. 

To add to her stress, her apartment recently flooded and destroyed her 1.5-year-old daughter’s bed as well as her own. 

Since Kenya has been struggling both financially and physically with this pregnancy, we want to rally behind her with as much support as possible! She currently needs pretty much everything for her son as well as diapers, shoes, clothes, and a bed for her daughter. We’ve also added a new bed for Kenya since hers was damaged in the flood! 

Her biggest needs are currently the beds and mattresses as well as the double-stroller so she can easily push both children at once but we’ve added everything she’ll need for both of her children. 

Here at Human Defense Initiative, we never want any mother to ever feel pressured into an abortion, but rather feel confident that they have what they need to provide for their babies.

Let’s show Kenya and her family some love and support during this next journey in their lives!

To donate, click the link to the registry below. Make sure to click “gift address” under shipping at the checkout to ensure the gift ships directly to Kenya. As always, group gifting is enabled on the more expensive items, so you can also donate any amount toward those gifts. 

We are so thankful to all of you for standing for life and can’t wait for her to see how much love and support there is out there!


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