Iowa’s Supreme Court recently upheld the state’s law to defund Planned Parenthood’s taxpayer-funded sex education curriculum which exposes young children to dangerous sex practices. In 2019, the Iowa legislature passed the law to disqualify abortion providers from its sex education grants in response to a strong public outcry. After residents urged lawmakers to cut $260,000 from the abortion giant, State Representative Joel Fry confirmed the Health and Human Services budget will 

“continue to provide grants to organizations that provide students with sex education, continuing to provide the same level of funding; however, abortion providers will no longer be eligible for grants. We have consistently heard [constituents] do not want their hard-earned tax dollars used by organizations whose primary business model is providing abortions.” 

After a state judge initially blocked the law, the state’s Supreme Court justices ruled 6-1 to uphold the law, recognizing the state has legitimate concerns about the abortion corporation teaching children, adding,

“The goals of promoting abstinence and reducing teenage pregnancy could be undermined when taught by the entity that performs nearly all abortions…The state could also be concerned that using abortion providers to deliver sex education programs to teenage students would create relationships between the abortion provider and the students the state does not wish to foster in light of its policy preferences.”

Planned Parenthood Exploits Children for Profit

Alarmingly, Planned Parenthood teaches sex education to over 220,000 students in 31 states. The abortion chain’s affiliates in Iowa received approximately $265,000 in taxpayer-funded sex education grants in 2019 and over $180,000 in 2020. Masquerading as an education provider, Planned Parenthood utilizes such programs to exploit children, with its curriculum in 31 schools and 12 youth organizations in Iowa. Planned Parenthood does approximately 40% of all abortions in the United States and approximately 95% in Iowa. Pro-life advocates and former employees of the abortion giant have warned that Planned Parenthood uses its sex education programs to develop relationships with young children and encourage unhealthy sexual practices, endangering children in order to exploit minors for future profits via abortions. 

Former Planned Parenthood director turned pro-life advocate Abby Johnson confirmed Planned Parenthood does indeed groom and endanger children, violate parental rights, promote risky sex to young children, and infiltrate and exploit such school programs to sell abortions. Johnson revealed that Planned Parenthood disturbingly has abortion quotas and deliberately promotes sex and birth control with known high failure rates in order to reach objectives of teens having at least one abortion by high school, another during college, and a third once they reach their twenties, despite life-threatening health risks and mental health trauma.

Live Action’s undercover investigations even exposed Planned Parenthood enables pimps exploiting minors, trafficking, and child sex abuse that “could be reported as rape.” Planned Parenthood encourages minors to try harmful pornography, abusive bondage, and dangerous sexual acts, including asphyxiation. Further, 

“Planned Parenthood consistently fights any law requiring parental consent or parental involvement for minors seeking sexual counseling and reproductive services, including abortions. Research has uncovered cases where minors were taken for abortions by their sexual abusers.”

Despite Planned Parenthood’s false claim that abortion is just 3% of its services, the truth is Planned Parenthood manipulates data to hide the real statistics that its clinics perform well over 300,000 abortions annually, almost 900 daily— an abortion approximately every 90 seconds. In fact, Planned Parenthood increases abortions and revenue while other services plummet. Even fired for her questions regarding Planned Parenthood’s declining healthcare services sacrificed for its increasing abortion agenda, former president Leana Wen admitted abortion is the “core mission”— so much so that the abortion behemoth endangers children, enables abuse, and deliberately infiltrates school curriculum programs to sexualize and exploit children as commodities

Like other corporations, Planned Parenthood profits billions by convincing “customers” they “need” its product— “abortions, which depend upon the sexual activity of its customers… The younger the customer the better—and repeat customers are even better.” Planned Parenthood promotes high-risk sexual behaviors because “multi-million dollar opportunities are created for them when children become sexualized through [their Comprehensive Sexuality Education] and then become PP customers.” The abortion giant exploits youth as “good customers” since 

“They’re far less likely to have the capacity to care for a child…They are more likely to engage in risky sexual behavior— they’ll need treatment for STDs and of course abortions…They’re also more likely to be repeat customers. For Planned Parenthood, youth represent one of the most lucrative revenue streams in the world. Planned Parenthood controls the narrative around sex and sexuality, becoming the go-to source. Once inside the classroom, Planned Parenthood now has a front and center position with our children and without the presence of parents.”

Parents Oppose Planned Parenthood’s Dangerous Sex “Education”

Parents across the country have raised serious concerns about the largest abortion corporation teaching sex education to children. For several years, concerned parents in California, Michigan, New York and numerous other parts of the country have protested Planned Parenthood’s involvement in their students’ education. Many parents are shocked to learn what abominable information Planned Parenthood teaches young children, and countless communities astutely reject the abortion giant’s dangerous sex education. 

Parents in Washington state were outraged after middle school students received a Planned Parenthood flyer that promoted sex to 11-year-olds and told minors they could get an abortion without a parent’s knowledge.

After massive public outcry, a Pennsylvania school district rejected placing a Planned Parenthood facility “inside the high school— giving the abortion chain direct access to young, vulnerable students. Planned Parenthood staffers would offer students sex education, counseling about reproductive health and referrals to their abortion facility. In addition, the center would have been paid for by tax dollars.”

A Florida school district was flooded with parental complaints after learning Planned Parenthood’s graphic video including fondling and homosexuality was repeatedly shown to students without parents’ knowledge or consent and showed “inappropriate materials that had not been approved.”

North Carolina parents showed up in force to oppose Planned Parenthood’s Get Real curriculum, which “encourages sixth graders to feel ‘comfortable and ready’ for sex. The curriculum provides flash cards outlining condom usage for ‘vaginal, oral or anal sex’ and recommends the usage of ‘saran wrap’ for certain sex acts.”

Despite the abortion giant’s middle school sex education having been developed by Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts, the state’s legislature rejected a bill in 2017 which not only failed to adequately inform parents of content as required by law, but also recommended Planned Parenthood’s curriculum, which teaches children as young as 12 “how to perform oral and anal sex.”

One parent revealed, “The whole nature of this has been very secretive in how it’s been rolled out to students. That’s why it’s so imperative for parents to be involved— particularly middle school where you know sex education is being taught. The parents [here] had no clue… It was piloted in schools where parental enrollment is low.”

Though Planned Parenthood claims their programs focus on abstinence and parental involvement, a former HIV educator for a Planned Parenthood affiliate, Monica Leal Cline’s video exposé revealed the abortion giant’s officials instructed, “Parents are a barrier…We don’t want parents involved. Cline added

“Parents are purposely left out. Parents are powerful, possessing a natural instinct to protect their children, and Planned Parenthood wants to undermine that. That is why they say, ‘Parents are a barrier…[Parents] need to be made irrelevant, and the organization has great counseling skills to help make us irrelevant in the eyes of our children. This type of sex education does not protect our youth…It only serves to encourage them to explore all sexual activities and places a burden on them that they are not prepared to bear. Planned Parenthood and other like-minded organizations have been collaborating for years to establish illicit sex education in our schools and communities…it’s big money for them. Every child or teen who comes into Planned Parenthood [for] an abortion or treatment for a sexually transmitted disease is money in the bank. Their education isn’t about safety…it is about cultivating a dedicated and ignorant client base that will seek out their services and know they can do so without their parents’ oversight.”

Abby Johnson’s organization, And Then There Were None, which helps abortion workers leave their jobs, also exposed how the abortion industry treats parents as “barriers” to clinics’ “financial gains,” and thus, “young, vulnerable and pregnant women are manipulated.” In fact, over 80% of women are not properly informed at Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics, over 70% are pressured or receive no counseling, and over half feel rushed or uncertain. By contrast, ethical women’s health and pregnancy centers outnumber Planned Parenthood clinics and provide safe healthcare treatments, truthful information, more options and supportive resources.

Planned Parenthood Promotes Dangerous Sexual Behaviors to Children

To serve Planned Parenthood’s objective of increasing revenues via abortions, the abortion corporation deceptively infiltrates school curriculums to begin grooming young children, publishing multiple “resources” regarding children’s sexual activity, including materials that claim to provide “age appropriate” sex education to children shockingly starting at age four. Planned Parenthood disturbingly states its aim: “Ideally, sexuality education would be taught each year in our schools from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade.”

Judith Reisman, Ph.D., director of Liberty Child Protection Center at Liberty University School of Law, warned about Planned Parenthood exposing young children to graphic images

“When a child looks at a pornographic image, within three-tenths of a second, that’s imprinted on his [or] her brain – permanently. We know that there’s an action that takes place that’s called mirroring images so that children will want to or will act out what they see. In the name of sexuality education, children are seeing obscene materials that have been ruled by Congress and the Supreme Court as impossible to show to children.” 

When students do not know what the material means, they are told “to look it up, but not on a school computer because they would be able to track it.” Young students “saw images and [were] traumatized” since “once you see those images you can’t erase those images.” Protective parents are also upset that their children “at school where [they are] supposed to be protected,” and that parents are now forced to “explain things…that [their children] may not be ready for.”

In sixth grade, Planned Parenthood’s curriculum teaches children about sexually transmitted infections. Seventh grade students are exposed to sexual orientations, hormonal birth control, and emergency contraception after intercourse, despite life-threatening health risks and mental health harm, including unintended early abortion, infertility, depression and suicide, with even higher rates in teens. Eighth graders are required to write a thank-you letter to a guest speaker living with HIV.

Planned Parenthood promotes unsafe promiscuity to children, stating, “There’s nothing bad or unhealthy about having a big number of sexual partners,” and dangerously minimizes the consequences of sexually transmitted diseases, claiming, “Half of all people will get an STD at some point. It’s okay.” Planned Parenthood’s curriculum includes instruction for informing “casual hookup” sex partners about infections, including gay partners texting that they have chlamydia and partners in a lesbian “hookup” saying the fact she has herpes is “not a big deal” and “not that bad,” despite it can easily be transmitted orally or via genitalia, causes painful sores, is lifelong with no cure, and can even harm future babies who contract the virus during birth, potentially causing death. Further, Planned Parenthood’s booklet for HIV-positive youth, Healthy, Happy and Hot, dangerously tells young people it is their “human right” not to tell their partner they have HIV.

With such dangerous curriculum targeting students, parents are right to urge their states to vehemently oppose such unhealthy teachings for young children. Planned Parenthood uses tainted studies to promote their curriculum, deceiving parents, school districts, and legislators, despite misleading claims of wide parental support. However, polling shows “80% of adults say children should be taught about sex by their parents rather than the schools.” 

Abstinence Education Protects Children

Planned Parenthood also falsely claims its curriculum is effective in reducing sexual activity in teens, but the goal of its programs is to sexualize children, disregarding the health risks, in order to serve its ultimate aim of profiting from abortions. Further, the abortion giant’s curriculum deliberately makes no mention of abstinence. However, actual studies show abstinence education reduces sexual activity among middle school students, benefitting minority communities. By contrast, Planned Parenthood targets minorities and districts with low parental involvement, and even accepts racially-motivated donations specifically to abort black and other minority babies, consistent with its racist eugenic founding

Additionally, Planned Parenthood’s curriculum promotes risky sex practices to ultimately increase abortions for growing revenue, despite abortion procedures also endanger women’s physical and mental health, risking life-threatening infections, substance abuse, and even death. Planned Parenthood even covers up injuries and deaths of women killed by abortions. With such dangerous risks, it is even more important to protect children, such as by providing safe alternative education, including abstinence, which not only protects health and reduces sexual activity in children, but also reduces teen drug use. By contrast, Planned Parenthood falsely claims abstinence is ineffective, but hides the fact that its dangerous curriculum outrageously re-defines “abstinence” as including “French-kissing; anal sex; fingering a partner’s genitals; mutual masturbation; dry humping; sharing fantasies…phone sex…grinding…sex [and] rubbing bodies with clothes on; masturbating a partner; hand job…mouth-penis contact; touching a partner’s nipples…mouth-anus contact…striptease and caressing a partner’s scrotum and testicles.” Essentially, any sexual activity outside of anal or vaginal intercourse.

Further, Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry promote unsafe sexual behaviors to younger and younger women, including pushing the risky abortion pill on college campuses and Plan B in vending machines, endangering teens and enabling alarming rates of coercion of over 60%. Such dangerous do-it-yourself chemical abortions have killed dozens of women, hospitalized thousands more with life-threatening complications, and can cause PTSD and other mental health trauma.

As Planned Parenthood’s objectives promote increasingly dangerous behaviors to increasingly younger women and children, states including Iowa and several others prudently block the abortion behemoth’s unsafe curriculum from exposing children to unhealthy sexuality. Despite the curriculum’s teachings endanger children, executive director of the Iowa branch of Planned Parenthood, Erin Davison-Rippey ironically argued that defunding the dangerous programs “will hurt young people,” claiming, 

“This is a huge loss to the thousands of youth who would benefit—programs that help them understand what a healthy relationship is, practice personal responsibility, delay sexual activity and protect themselves from unintended pregnancy and STDs when they do become sexually active. Denying young people this information is denying them their human rights.”

Such deceptive statements seek to hide that in truth, it is Planned Parenthood’s curriculum which teaches the exact opposite of healthy, responsible, and protective activities, deliberately putting young people at risk for STDs and unintended pregnancies to serve financial objectives via abortions, which also violate human rights.

Planned Parenthood’s Get Real and other “Comprehensive Sexuality Education…is designed to change the sexual and gender norms of society, promote high-risk sexual behaviors, and encourage even the youngest of children to experiment sexually.” By design, such distorted “education” does not achieve purported outcomes, despite claims, actually producing an 88% failure rate for delayed sexual activity for teens and a 94% failure rate for reducing unprotected sex. Planned Parenthood deliberately sexualizes young people, knowing it “will create new customers who seek out their abortion services, sexually transmitted infection treatments, and transgender hormone therapies,” as the abortion giant’s educational programs are purposefully developed to be “the perfect business plan for lifelong customers” exploited for profits.

In stark contrast, Sexual Risk Avoidance curricula “focus on encouraging teens to make wise decisions in relationships and help them to achieve optimal health and life success. Teaching young people to delay sexual debut is the most effective way to empower them to eliminate risk.” Dozens of studies have confirmed the effectiveness of Sexual Risk Avoidance education:

“Findings from these studies suggest that students who participate in these programs realize healthier outcomes. Researchers have found decreases in pregnancy rates, incidence of sexually transmitted infections, and levels of sexual initiation; kids who go through healthy sex education also attain assertiveness skills against sexual pressure and assault and are more likely to have a positive focus on future life and career goals.”

Given its numerous health and safety violations and even criminal scandals, Planned Parenthood deserves no taxpayer funding. State legislatures and courts, parents and local education officials ought to reject Planned Parenthood’s reprehensible curriculum “as the poisoner of children that it is.” States such as Iowa and numerous other states wisely support funding for safe educational programs for students, while blocking the abortion giant’s dangerous sex “education” that exposes young children to unsafe and unhealthy sexual behaviors in order to exploit youth for revenue. 

The Iowa’s Supreme Court’s discerning decision was fortunately the result after parents and residents, as they similarly had in other states, urged lawmakers to protect children from Planned Parenthood’s manipulative and dangerous curriculum, thus revealing such protection begins at home, with parents, and in schools and local government involvement. 


Parents can find out which curriculum is being used to teach sex education in their local school districts, review full curricula including researching actual exhibits and excerpts, and demand local schools use safe, healthy Sexual Risk Avoidance sex education curriculum instead of manipulative, risky Comprehensive Sexuality Education such as Planned Parenthood’s dangerous programs. 

Parents and concerned citizens and taxpayers can: 

  • Contact Representatives to direct all state and federal dollars away from Planned Parenthood and enact or support policies and legislation that protect children and benefit families.
  • Make sure PP and the CSE curriculum is not in local and state schools. And if it is, expose it (e.g., via parent, school or church groups, town hall, city council or school board meetings, op-eds or media).
  • Get involved with local crisis pregnancy centers or other organizations that support women, children, and families, and true abstinence education in schools. When considering a sexuality education policy, be certain that it is a sexual risk avoidance program; NOT comprehensive sexuality education (CSE).
  • Consider running for school board or other local positions.
  • Educate your children at home or opt out of schools’ sex education.

The War on Children: The Comprehensive Sexuality Education Agenda documentary is available here for free viewing.

Additionally, organizations such as Stop Planned Parenthood provides resources for parents to combat the abortion giant’s influence over impressionable young students. Parents can use accurate data to debunk Planned Parenthood’s falsified claims to promote its curriculum. Parents can also download free materials to help get Planned Parenthood’s sinister programs out of schools. For additional information and help, parents can visit STOPP’s website or email Further, Rita Diller is national director of American Life League’s Stop Planned Parenthood International and The Pill Kills programs, and parents can learn more by calling 540-659-4171.

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