An Iowa couple was encouraged to have an abortion after a misdiagnosis of a terminal brain condition. However, through prayer and perseverance this little baby was not only born alive but born with a strong chance at a full, healthy life.  

Around 20 weeks into the pregnancy, Drew and Ariann Corpstein were told their baby had semilobar holoprosencephaly, which is a condition where most of the child’s brain is missing. The doctors said the baby would either be still-born or die within a few days after birth. The recommendation was to have an abortion.

However, the Corpsteins knew they had to trust God no matter what happened.

“I’m so glad that she was so strong in her foundation,” Drew told Fox News.

“For me, it was very difficult… I had always been pro-life. Abortion was never in my mind as an option. [But] when you’re told that your baby’s brain isn’t developing, and they will be a vegetable on machines, maybe not hear, see, smell, you question [what to do]. Ariann never wavered,” he said, fighting back tears.

When Ariann gave birth to her son Matthew, he breathed and nursed on his own just fine. This was better than expected and prompted another MRI to be done to verify the original diagnosis. The doctors then told them their baby actually had hydrocephalus, which is when fluid builds up in the brain cavity creating pressure. It is a treatable condition, and most patients can live normal, fulfilling lives.

While baby Matthew still has a long way to recovery, his parents are grateful to God for sending them a miracle baby.

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