Two years ago today, Human Defense Initiative (HDI) was founded as the first millennial-led 100% digital based organization, providing a platform for people around the world to be a voice for those without one. However, today our movement has become so much more than we ever imagined thanks to our wonderful supporters. In the short time we’ve been in this fight together, HDI has grown from not only changing minds via pro-life journalism but providing a crisis helpline for expecting moms and families in temporary material need.

We still remember launching our very first baby registry for a young mom who didn’t have the means to acquire the baby items she needed. We launched the registry with a hope that our team could help her and WOW did you guys provide!

In fact, we received so many messages from our donors that thanked us for providing the opportunity to help her. It was then we realized just how many people want to be involved in the movement, especially helping those who need it the most but just didn’t know how. Since then, thanks to all of our donors, together, we have been able to meet the needs of countless mothers who have had nowhere else to turn, families with young children facing temporary material need and even single fathers. Our supporters have helped provide baby items, food, beds, clothes and other necessities, these families wouldn’t otherwise have without your help. We’re so thankful to be a part of this together, to be able to confidently assure our clients that their needs will be met, and to empower them to choose life! Together, we are making abortion unthinkable through tangible resources.

When we first started our hotline, we wondered if anyone would reach out, but it has truly been one of those “build it and they will come” moments, both in regards to our clients and our donors alike. In the last two years, thanks to your continuous support, HDI has become a go-to resource for abortion vulnerable women. We are so thankful our supporters point clients in our direction, blessing us with the opportunity to help and then walking alongside these women with us through material assistance donations.

In addition to our pregnancy services, we also hosted our first Operation Christmas Child project, which our donors made such a success by donating items to fill 37 boxes. These boxes are shipped by Samaritan’s Purse to children in underdeveloped countries who otherwise do not have access to the hygiene products, school supplies, and Christmas gifts which fill each box. You truly helped us make such a difference.

Our donors also helped make our Inaugural Christmas Extravaganza a HUGE success providing necessities (clothes, shoes, winter wear, and hygiene items), beds, and gifts for the Davis Family who had fallen on hard times. Because of you, the children were able to experience a Christmas unlike anything they could have ever imagined.

We were also recently presented with the opportunity to host a material assistance fundraiser on behalf of Grace Pregnancy Outreach, a pregnancy center who was serving their local community after a tornado and desperately needed more supplies. Thanks to all of you, their supply rooms are now fully stocked as they continue providing assistance to families in need!

In addition to our fundraisers, here are a few highlights of some of our other accomplishments since our last anniversary:

  • Our wonderful team of contributors has published over 180 pieces of pro-life news and countless pro-life graphics with the goal of changing minds. In fact, one of our clients changed her mind after reading our posts. We thank you for sharing our posts and helping ensure the truth about abortion is spread far and wide. You’re helping us change minds, hearts, and lives.
  • Our podcast , Inalienable with Scott Neumann has grown to over 3000 listeners. We’ve even had people inform us they found about our organization through our podcast!
  • Thanks to your support, several members of our team were able to attend the Young Women’s Leadership Summit in Dallas, Texas last June, where we were able to network with so many of the 1,500 attendees, handing out business cards, bracelets and flyers while spreading the word about our organization. We received over 25 new members and countless followers. It was also the first time we were able to meet in person since our team works remotely. Not only was YWLS a fantastic networking opportunity, but we also had the chance to grow in our leadership and political advocacy skills. We even attended a journalism class and were blessed with opportunity to interview pro-life speakers, Graham Allen and Brandon Tatum (watch HEREHEREHERE, and HERE). What we learned there was truly invaluable.
  • Our second year also marked our first speaking engagements. Our wonderful Content Director, Petra Wallenmeyer, was blessed with the opportunity to speak on behalf of Human Defense Initiative at the Family Research Council’s digital action summit, ProLifeCon, alongside huge names in the pro-life movement. ProLifeCon was held the week of the March for Life. While there, she discussed our mission, digital advocacy, and how people can get involved (watch her talk at 41:05 timemark HERE). Petra also had the opportunity to sit down with Mahgdalen Rose for the Rose Report and our podcast host, Scott Neumann represented HDI on Human Life Action’s podcast, The Vita Podcast.
  • We even hosted our first auction this year by partnering and cultivating relationships with several other amazing pro-life organizations who graciously donated merchandise for our ultimate pro-life baskets. We are forever thankful to fight this fight together and look forward to many more events together!

All in all, we couldn’t have done any of this without you. Thank you for your support, encouragement, and dedication to fighting for life. Together, we help the most vulnerable. Together, we spread the truth about abortion, change hearts and minds, and most importantly save lives. Together, we make abortion unthinkable.

We will very soon be releasing a video full of our clients testimonials so you all can see what a huge impact you’ve helped make. For now, we simply thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Thank you for being such a huge part of our team! Here’s to another life-affirming year full of new projects!

To celebrate our second year anniversary as an organization, today kicks off a series of giveaways on our Instagram page, follow us @humandefenseini for more information on how to enter!

With love,

The Human Defense Initiative Team

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