By: Landon T. Jones

he Pro-Life Movement is rapidly expanding. I can not even fathom the growth since the 1960s, when abortion wasn’t even a hot button issue. For half a century, this movement has advocated for and defended each life lost to abortion. It was not until the last decade when the movement started to reshape their platform to include advocacy for women. Whether a woman chooses abortion or chooses life, there needs to be healing and support throughout.

Thankfully, Human Coalition was founded to lead this effort to love both mother and baby. Human Coalition is a group dedicated to making abortion unthinkable and unavailable by providing compassionate care to the preborn and their families. Since founded in 2009 as “Online For Life,” Human Coalition has expanded beyond the screen to actively improve a woman’s access to life-affirming care with their own womens care clinics. Thanks to their efforts, 8,936 children and their families have been rescued from abortion, and this number continues to rapidly climb!

Human Coalition’s passion to advocate for life is driven by an understanding God seeks to protect His creation and wants to put the church at the front lines to defend it. This is why they actively connect with churches. The Church is an astoundingly impactful part of society. When individual churches see a winning plan, they can get involved and fight for justice. Human Coalition’s outreach to churches is most notable in the largest African-American denomination, Church of God in Christ (COGIC) with their Family Life Campaign. If every church was to get involved, we would see abortion end in a heartbeat.

“When their church leaders fail to affirm the dignity of life and moral evil of abortion, it’s no wonder Christian women are as susceptible to the abortion industry as others,” the National Church Outreach Director, Rev Sean Martin told us. “The church’s posture of silence is counter-intuitive for leaders ostensibly committed to preaching the Gospel of Christ — a Gospel of compassion, justice, and care for the most vulnerable in society.”

This mission has been executed in their “city-by-city strategy,” meaning they will serve women one city at a time. So far, they are serving women in and around Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas/Fort Worth, Pittsburgh, and Raleigh. All of these cities have been influenced positively by Human Coalition because of the cooperative efforts of local churches, pro-life organizations, and donors.

But how can the average person help Human Coalition transform the world for life? For the layperson, the most basic tool at our disposal is prayer. It requires very little time and no money to pray. In addition to prayer, educating yourself and others about abortion is essential to furthering the Pro-Life movement. To help, Human Coalition has their own broadcast called “The Human Element” with Brian Fisher. The broadcast seeks to empower activists every week for one half-hour with the knowledge they need in order to effectively advocate for life.

If you wish to help further, Human Coalition can always use donations to continue the fight, and as little as $30 per month can help further the mission! Service is another great way to get involved. Human Coalition has serving opportunities in all five of their cities. Regardless of how you decide to get involved, anything is greatly appreciated.

Human Coalition has proved itself to be an important organization of hope. Their mission is noble, their hearts are full, and their impact is astonishing. If you wish to learn more about our friends at Human Coalition, visit their website at

Generations before us have fought for the pro-life mission and we will carry it forward to make abortion unthinkable and unavailable.

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