Human Coalition is an organization committed to pro-life activism. Echoing the words of Thomas Jefferson, who wrote, “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just and that His justice cannot sleep forever,” Human Coalition stands for the proposition, “Abortion is a stain on America. And the God who gives life will not hold us guiltless.” Human Coalition seeks to end the abortion culture and industry in the United States.

Their approach is unique because of the way they engage with real people. General outreach certainly has its purpose but different demographics need different services. Human Coalition serves as the middle-man, linking those in need to pro-life resources.

Human Coalition has six main areas of engagement:

  1. Marketing outreach
  2. Contact Center
  3. Women’s Care Clinics
  4. Continuum of Care
  5. Church Outreach
  6. Incubation Services

Marketing outreach provides areas where there is a high-risk of abortion with pro-life resources. It uses software to collect marketing data which aids in effective outreach tailored to specific demographics.

Contact Center is one of their most notable and interactive services. The Contact Center is staffed with professional call agents. Calls are taken from women in crisis pregnancies. Call operatives seek to lend an ear in support of the caller as well as to link them to resources. The center is a first line of defense to help abortion-vulnerable women choose life and provides true encouragement to women nationwide.

Women’s Care Clinics is particularly tailored to the aid of abortion-vulnerable women. To this end the clinic supports a network of life-affirming pregnancy centers across the country. The Women’s Care Clinic uses life-affirming language to present a range of services for the betterment of the mother, child, and family.

Continuum of Care is a social-service-modeled continuation of pregnancy center services. They remain with the mother and child to ensure the work leading up to the birth of the child to support the mother in crisis was not done in vain. This office also provides a powerful counter-narrative to the assumption pro-lifers do not care about the well-being of the mother or the child after the child is born. The Continuum of Care assists in housing, job opportunities, and healthcare — which very notably includes therapy, mental health, and spiritual care! The mission is not complete once the baby is born. The parents and child are cared for, stabilized, and given direction post-pregnancy.

One of my personal favorite initiatives undertaken by Human Coalition is the Church Outreach program. This program seeks to change the culture of death and abortion in this country through encouraging churches to share the Gospel — the message that Jesus Christ came to save sinners — and defend the pro-life position. The Gospel is pro-life. The pro-life message of the Gospel applies to abortion and all other spheres of human life. The same networking approach which unites pro-life pregnancy centers as resources for abortion-vulnerable women, through Church Outreach also unites denominations, local and national church bodies, and organizations to fight hand-in-hand for life in the United States.

Incubation Services are the research arm of ever-expanding technological approaches. This division keeps pro-life technology innovative and focused on outreach to those most in need of pregnancy services. We continually hear of “accessibility” in the public sphere as abortion providers, especially, seek to increase the number of abortions performed. What mothers need are pro-life pregnancy centers and other resources, not better access to abortion. Human Coalition therefore perseveres to expand their services to reach those most in need, which includes mothers, preborn children, and families.

Human Coalition tailors initiatives into efficient “city by city” strategies. This approach engages localities while making the national struggle seem more winnable. This practical method allows professionals to meet the needs of those nearest to them.

Human Coalition embodies the pro-life goal of changing hearts. To do that, they are changing circumstances for real people facing crucial life decisions. May we be reminded our primary weapons in the battle for life are to listen and to assist.

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