Human Coalition, a life-affirming, non-profit organization based out of Frisco, Texas, has successfully rescued 10,000 preborn children and their families from the pain of abortion.

Founded in December of 2009 by Brian Fisher, Human Coalition has used powerful and strategic marketing strategies to help women find pro-life options when looking for abortion services.

Once an abortion-determined woman is in touch with Human Coalition, they are then loved and walked with to one of their 13 Women’s Care Clinics or one of the 45 life-affirming partnerships in 13 states.

On June 22, 2010, they had their first rescue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Since then, they have been victorious in rescuing a grand total of 10,000 lives across the country.

One of the 10,000 children rescued with the incredible work of Human Coalition.

Lauren Enriquez, spokesperson for Human Coalition, said the staff gives all the praise to God for what He has allowed them to accomplish.

“We marvel every day at the awesome power of God using Human Coalition to rescue His children from abortion. I think I speak for the whole staff when I say that seeing your labor and God’s grace translate into actual children rescued is the most motivating element of our work. Cooperatively rescuing 10,000 children just spurs us on to continue working and praying and leaning on God until the abortion genocide comes to an end in our lifetime.”

Although they have already accomplished an incredible amount of work, Human Coalition intends to keep moving forward until abortion is unthinkable and unavailable!

“It is nice when someone notices the impact you are having because it really is incredible what Human Coalition has done and all of it would be worth it even if we’d only rescued one child.”

We are looking forward to all of the life that will continue to flow from our friends at Human Coalition in the years to come!

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