We Are Here For You!

Whether you’re facing an unexpected pregnancy, want to have your child but are struggling to find support, are looking for healing after an abortion, or have learned you’ve lost a sibling to abortion — You are not alone. We’ll walk alongside you as you face this journey. 

Here are the completely FREE resources and support options Human Defense Initiative offers:

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Options Counseling

Discovering you’re pregnant can be overwhelming, our client advocates can help walk you through this time. You deserve to know all of your options and resources and to have someone you can talk to every step of the way.

Material Assistance

No parent should ever have to worry about not having the necessities to take care of their children, which is why we offer assistance with the basics! Our services are open to expecting mothers, single fathers, and even families facing temporary material need with young children.

Post-abortive Healing Parents or Siblings

We understand how difficult abortion regret can be. Our client advocates are dedicated to helping you process your thoughts and provide a path to healing, judgment-free. Likewise, we are one of the only organizations to offer support for post-abortive siblings (individuals who have lost a sibling to abortion).

Community Resources

We want to ensure you have all the support available to you. We’ll always help connect you with other resources, especially those who may be able to assist in your local area. We partner with many organizations to help meet the various needs of our clients.

Disclaimer: Our client advocates are not licensed counselors but peer counselors trained in talking with struggling parents.