You are not alone. Whether you’re trying to decide what to do after a positive pregnancy test, struggling with abortion regret, or seeking help for your family, there are so many resources out there.  Here are the completely FREE resources and support options Human Defense Initiative offers!

We encourage you to click through the categories below to connect with the support you need:


Talk to someone any time.


Crucial assistance.

Forcing someone to have an abortion is illegal. Get help: 

If you change your mind after the first abortion pill, it may not be too late. Contact the APR helpline immediately: 

Other helplines to ensure you’re receiving the support you need: 

NOTE: If you’re in immediate danger, please contact 911. 


Get help in your area.

Pregnancy centers offer a variety of services including, but not limited to, pregnancy tests and ultrasounds, as well as physical, emotional, and material support, all at no cost. Check out these directories to find the closest center near you:


A supportive place
to stay.

Maternity homes provide a safe and supportive place for you to stay while you are pregnant and even after your baby is born. They also help you get on your feet as you navigate this new journey of your life. Find the closest maternity home near you through this directory:


There is a loving option,
let us help.

If you are contemplating adoption, it’s always free for birth parents, and there are many couples anxious to love your child. There’s no rush to decide right now, either — in most states, adoption is not finalized until after your baby is born. Learn more through these resources:

Wanting to talk to someone who’s gone through the adoption process before deciding? Chat with someone who’s both an adoptee and a birth mother below.

Are you looking to adopt a child?  Here are a few resources for you:


Get help with the
necessities needed.

No parent should ever have to go without necessities and baby care items for their children. These organizations are here to help provide free or low-cost baby supplies:

POST-ABORTIVE HEALING: Parents or Siblings

Regret your abortion?
Healing is possible.

Post-abortion regret can be difficult, but you are not alone. These resources can provide support and helpful coping techniques as you navigate this time.

If you or someone you know is struggling with post-abortive regret, resources are also available for families that have been affected by abortion, such as the organizations and directories below:


Track your pregnancy.
Track your pregnancy.

These amazing apps and websites help track your pregnancy and provide accurate fetal development information!

The Bump 

What to Expect 

Pregnancy +


Have a happy, healthy pregnancy.
Have a happy, healthy pregnancy.

Your health matters, that’s why we’ve included a few resources to help you prepare for birth and ensure premium care. 

Prenatal Diagnosis Care

Compassionate and expert care connections.

After receiving a prenatal diagnosis, you may have a lot of questions and concerns. It’s okay. Here are the top resources to help you: 

Diagnosis-specific support: 

High-risk pregnancy support: 

Preemie and Micro-preemie support: 

Find the medical support you need: 

Perinatal Hospice & Palliative Care Programs and Support: 

Child Loss Support

Miscarriage, stillbirth & Infant loss assistance.

Losing a child is tragic. Whether you’re facing miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss, these resources are here so you don’t have to face it alone. 

Counseling & Support Groups: 

Financial Assistance: 


Resources for friends & family: 


But wait
— there’s more!

Here are some additional resources you may find useful.

Federal Assistance:

Additional Assistance:

Pro-life Baby Brands:

Disclaimer: We are not officially affiliated with any of the resources listed except our own website This is not an exhaustive list of all resources available just a few to get started. We highly recommend referring to your local pregnancy resource center for more information. We can only provide material assistance to those who reside within the United States at this time. If you live internationally email us at and we can send suggestions of resources in your area. Furthermore, we do NOT provide financial assistance or share financial fundraisers on behalf of our clients.