When Snethemba, a 21-year-old college student from a poor family in South Africa, discovered she was expecting her first child, what should have been a joyous moment quickly turned to worry. 

The father isn’t in the picture, and she had no idea how she would care for the child and finish the last few months of school. Feeling hopeless, she even contemplated abortion. 

Thankfully, after receiving counsel, guidance, and support from pro-life advocates, she realized she couldn’t go through with it. She was soon accepted into a maternity home that would provide her housing in her college town until she gives birth. However, she faces yet another hurdle — once her daughter is born, Snethemba will have to return to student housing, where she cannot keep her child. 

Without this fundraiser, she will only have two options — drop out and return home or place her daughter in a children’s home while she finishes her last five months of classes. Dropping out of college is not an option for Snethemba, but she is devastated by the thought of being away from her daughter during the crucial first five months of her life.

With your support, Snethemba can acquire private housing and secure daycare for her little one so she can stay in school and care for her daughter. In fact, only $1780 stands between Snethemba and her baby staying together. 

Research has shown that the bonding between a mother and her baby during the first five months of life is crucial for the baby’s development and mental health and helps prevent postpartum depression. Snethemba’s situation is no different. Will you consider giving today and help provide a happier, healthier outcome for both Snethemba and her baby? Together, we can make a huge impact. 


NOTE: While Human Defense Initiative normally does not host financial fundraisers or assist mothers outside of the United States, we have decided to take on Snethemba’s case as a one-time project.

We have also verified all of Snethemba’s schooling, medical, and identification records, as well as supporting documents regarding daycare and housing estimates she’s received, to ensure that she and her baby can stay together as she finishes the school year if these funds are raised. Please consider helping them start their journey together.

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