Human Defense Initiative (HDI) is so incredibly honored to announce that one of our supporters, Kyle Perry, is hosting a fundraiser to raise funds for a Human Defense Initiative “love both” billboard which will serve as a beacon of hope for any woman facing an unplanned pregnancy who stumbles across it.

Kyle Perry first reached out to us about two years ago with the idea for a pro-life billboard aimed at showing abortion-minded women they’re not alone and we’re here to help! Together, we started brainstorming ideas regarding creating a page on our website with resources for those facing unplanned pregnancies. At first, this page was very basic as our previous website didn’t allow us much customization but the project was still simply an idea.

Flash-forward to 2021

Kyle contacted us a few months ago and shared exciting news! His local church, Christ Church of Perry County in Lobelville, TN, graciously agreed to partner with him to help make this project a reality and ensure all donations to this project are tax deductible since they are a 501c3 nonprofit organization. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect because we were in the process of revamping our website. Our new resources page now makes it easier than ever for moms to be connected with the exact help they need to feel confident choosing life!

The billboard will feature a pregnant woman with the message “we love you both” and the link to humandefense/help. 

Our help page is full of life-affirming resources, so women who may be abortion-minded are informed of a variety of help available to them and that abortion is not their only option. This page includes information regarding hotlines, pregnancy centers, maternity homes, adoption, material assistance (baby supplies), post-abortive healing, pregnancy tracking, and more!

Thanks to Kyle and his wife Kirsten’s fearless determination, the partnership of  Christ Church of Perry County, and the generosity of the donors, enough funds have officially been raised to put up the first-ever Human Defense Initiative billboard in Savannah, Georgia! However, more funds are needed! Right now, Kyle has secured an anonymous donor who’s willing to match all donations up to $2,021 between now and July 21, 2021 (only a few more days left!!) when donations are given through the Facebook campaign (powered by PayPal) and we need to raise at least $1,581 to acquire the entire match!

That’s where we need YOU! 

With your help, we can also put up another billboard in Fayetteville, North Carolina, keep the Georgia billboard up for longer, and run online advertisements to reach more abortion-minded mothers and help save their babies. When you give a gift today your donation will have double the impact thanks to our matching donor. Please consider helping us inform women of the life-affirming support that’s available, change minds and hearts, and most importantly, save lives. 


Want to learn more about this project, what inspired Kyle to spearhead this campaign, why he chose to work with Human Defense Initiative, and where the funds will go? Here’s what he had to say in our exclusive interview:

How did you get the idea for this billboard project?

I don’t remember an exact moment. Someone I know had two abortions and it created a lot of shame and regret for them. That impacted me greatly. This person grew up in the church almost her whole life, yet the church she attended didn’t discuss things like that. At some point, I told myself: someone has got to do something! I wanted to make a difference with more than just my money and prayers: I wanted to give my time too. That’s why I got involved. I saw a lack of good advertisements and resources, so I took the steps to create them myself. Poverty is one of those reasons, pregnant women under the poverty line are estimated to be 6 times more likely to abort. Additionally, the majority of women who abort already have at least one child, and are almost 4 times more likely to be African American than white. That’s why we are choosing billboard locations that, based on research, are most likely to reach minority women and those in poverty. 

Why did you choose to partner with Human Defense Initiative?

 I’m so grateful that HDI decided to come alongside this project. I’m a big believer in if you need something done, find someone who has a specialty and work with them. Human Defense Initiative was that organization for me. I reached out to a lot of organizations with no success. HDI was open to my ideas and ready to implement what was needed for our project to thrive. James 2:17, 26 says that faith must have works to be alive, and Human Defense shows that with the great work they do for women & babies.

How long will each billboard remain up?

It depends. 4 weeks is most likely, but we’re going to try to reach out to multiple advertising companies to see if they can work with us to keep the billboard(s) up longer and for a lower price. Being partnered with a 501c3 helps with price negotiation, I’ve found.

Where will leftover funds go?

Any money not going to a billboard will, in order: 1. Go towards online ads to direct women to Human Defense Initiative 2. Any remaining money (loose change) will go towards the 501c3 church we partnered with.

What do you hope to accomplish through this project?

2 Major things:

1. Change the way people think. My hope is that more women will begin to consider alternative choices in the situation of unexpected pregnancy instead of abortion. By raising awareness of the easily accessible resources available to them, I hope we can change hearts and minds to the point abortion won’t even be considered because of the overwhelming help and love available to them.

2. Create a chain reaction. I want to see more billboards like this across multiple states. I want more resource websites to be created. I hope it’s a wake-up call for more people to want to volunteer and do projects like this.

How can people donate?

Through both Facebook or Fundrazr until July 21, 2021. We also have a donor who is matching all donations given to our Facebook campaign which means anything given via Facebook is doubled dollar-for-dollar up to $2,021.

Are donations to both fundraisers tax deductible?

Yes! Both are set up with our partner, Christ Church of Perry County in Lobelville, TN which is a 501c3 Organization.

Is there anything else you’d like donors to know?

Whether you gave $2 or $200, we are grateful. You’ve entrusted us with your money and we take that seriously and with a thankful heart. Transparency is a big deal to us, so we plan to keep everyone updated with the billboards and finances after the fundraiser ends. Jesus said if you’re faithful with little, you’ll be faithful in much. (Luke 16:10) That’s our goal with this project. Thank you for being a big part! Follow me on social media for updates: @KyleGregoryPerry or bookmark the campaign pages!


If you can’t donate (or even if you can) please invite your friends to the Facebook giving page by clicking the following HERE:

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