URGENT DONATIONS NEEDED: Help Keep Human Defense Initiative Online!

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Human defenders, we need your donations to keep our website online!

Join HDI in saving the babies because we believe life matters and we need you to help us further our outreach!

As many of you know HDI has grown so much over the past year and we've now gone from being a pro-life news source to now actually saving preborn lives by providing counseling and material assistance to women facing unplanned pregnancies.

Multiple women have reached out to us not knowing where to turn when feeling forced into an abortion or facing a lack of support and we've helped them choose life not only through life-affirming counseling but by providing them with the necessities to take care of their babies as well as other resources. We’ve also had the privilege to host diaper and food drives for families who are financially struggling with young children and infants, proving we care about children even after their born despite what the mainstream media believes!

It is absolutely amazing to be able to help mothers in such a personal way and now we need your donations so we can continue to expand our organization and reach as many moms in need as possible as well as continue to educate our readers on the atrocities of abortion through our articles. We are spreading the truth, changing minds and saving lives and we ask that you join us by donating to help our organization grow and continue to flourish!

Over 60 million tiny lives have been sacrificed in the name of “choice” since Roe v. Wade. Join us in saving the babies and creating a culture of LIFE because as Ronald Reagan once said, “if not us, who and if not now, when?”

Give a gift of any amount and help us:

  • Educate people on life issues through various digital avenues
  • Provide counseling and resources to mothers in need
  • Expand our outreach to touch as many lives as possible
  • Help families with young children in temporary need

Because here at HDI we believe every life matters and it’s up to each and every one of us to save as many lives as possible no matter how small!

Now is your opportunity to donate whatever amount is on your heart and help join the fight for life!

HDI-A-THON: a fundraiser to support the life-affirming mission of Human Defense Initiative and help keep our content available and expand our outreach to save the babies!


Other ways to support:

  1. Shop our shirt store HERE.
  2. Shop our other merchandise HERE.
  3. Share this fundraiser with your followers, friends, and family!

All proceeds go to keeping our website online and helping our organization grow in order to save as many babies and help as many families as possible!

URGENT DONATIONS NEEDED: Help Keep Human Defense Initiative Online!
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