HDI Launches New Registry for Expecting Mom of Twins

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Human Defense Initiative is happy to announce we have officially launched our very first twin registry fundraiser for an expecting mother in need!

Emma is single first-time expecting mother of twin boys who needs our help! Upon finding out she was pregnant, she faced many people in her life who pressured her toward abortion. In fact, when she first contacted us she was just happy to have a listening ear.

She told us, “I don’t have a lot of people in my circle that understand or are willing to listen - I usually just get the ‘you had a choice in this’ talk.”

Although multiple people in her life haven’t been supportive Emma is standing firm that the twins “deserve this life.”

“I know I can raise them right and they will have a good life but I just need a little help starting out,” she explained.

After finding out she was pregnant Emma spent her savings as well as borrowed money from a friend to move back to Pittsburgh to be with her family. She and her mother share a house and both work but she is still financially struggling to come up with the baby items she needs for her boys. She has a few hand me down items and shops at thrift stores around her area to save on costs but still needs assistance accumulating a few big ticket items (bassinet, car seats, high chairs etc) and smaller items such as bottles, winter clothes etc.

Due to early contractions, Emma has been placed on bed rest to prolong the beginning of labor for as long as possible but the twins could make an appearance into the world at any point. Let’s help relieve some of this mama’s stress by giving her a helping hand and showing her she has support as she prepares to welcome two new lives into the world!

Update: This registry is now complete thanks to our wonderful donors! We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has donated to or shared Emma's registry! Please check our donation page HERE for future fundraisers!

HDI Launches New Registry for Expecting Mom of Twins
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