HDI Launches First Registry Benefiting NICU Family

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Human Defense Initiative is excited to announce our first registry for baby girl twins!

The Aguilars were so excited to be expecting their first children, two identical twin daughters, when suddenly around 23 weeks pregnancy complications arose. Thankfully, the hospital was able to postpone their birth until 24 weeks to give them a higher chance of survival.

Cora and Laylah were born August 7 and August 8 (that’s right twins with different birthdays) at 24 weeks making them micro preemies. The girls have remained in the NICU in Orlando ever since. While they have a long road ahead, and have faced many struggles in their short lives, they are improving every day and getting stronger.

No parent ever expects to have to go through the NICU journey with their children and upon being connected with this family, Human Defense Initiative wanted to help so they can focus on the girls and their recovery.

Normally residing in Palm Coast, the Aguilars are consistently traveling to Orlando to be with the girls. This has created a huge financial strain, as they’ve had to take many days off of work. Additionally, they didn’t expect the girls to be here this early so they were unprepared with many of the baby items they need.

Due to financial strain they’re unsure of how they’ll acquire all that is needed. They’re most concerned about the big ticket items such as the bassinet, nursery center, dresser, swings, and high chairs. However, smaller items such as preemie and newborn clothes and diapers as well as other baby care items.

Here at Human Defense Initiative, we believe in supporting families during their time of hardship and would love to rally behind this family to help ease the financial burden they’re now facing. Let’s show this family some love and support during this next journey in their lives.

UPDATE: This registry is now complete thanks to our wonderful donors! We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has donated to or shared the Aguilar's registry! Please check our donation page HERE for future fundraisers!

HDI Launches First Registry Benefiting NICU Family
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