HDI Launches 1st Annual Christmas: Big Family, Big Need

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Human Defense Initiative is excited to announce we have officially launched our First Annual Christmas Extravaganza!

Each year one family will be chosen and for 2019 we have picked the Davis family as our family to help provide Christmas for.

The Davis Family is a very large family who was tragically forced out of their home right before the holiday season and currently staying with a family friend. They are using all of their resources to try to get back into their home which is why they cannot afford Christmas. The family consists of 11 siblings ranging from teens to babies and without our help these children will be going without Christmas and even some of their basic needs this year.

The children are in desperate need of sleeping mats as they do not have beds, warm clothes (including boots, gloves, and hats) since they live where it snows, and shoes. We would also like to bless each child with some toys or wish-list items as well as provide some other necessities they need. Currently, some of the children do not have shoes that fit properly or at all.

Human Defense Initiative put together the registry after identifying their needs. The family DID NOT request these items or put together this extensive list. We want it to be a surprise to them. Although the list is large, we wanted to give everyone the opportunity to bless this family with various items across multiple price points so our donors can donate whatever they feel led to give or contribute toward.

We couldn’t imagine waking up and having nothing on Christmas or having to go without our basic needs being met. With your help, we can make this family’s Christmas dreams come true!

Join us in supporting the Davis family and spreading the Christmas cheer!

As always everything purchased will ship directly to the family just click “gift address” at the checkout. Furthermore, everything on the list is strictly for the children except for one pair of shoes and a coat for the parents and the household necessities (soap etc) which will benefit the entire family.

Let’s help this family together and provide them with a Christmas they will never forget!

IMPORTANT NOTE: There will be NO family shaming, or negative comments regarding family size etc. Any and all less than positive comments will be deleted and anyone who leaves a rude comment is in jeopardy of being permanently banned from our page. We want to create a positive culture of LIFE. If your words do not speak such they are not welcome here.

Update: This registry is now complete thanks to our wonderful donors! We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has donated to or shared the Davis Family's registry! The kids couldn't have been more excited on Christmas morning thanks to you and you have provided them with all their essentials! Please check our donation page HERE for future fundraisers!

HDI Launches 1st Annual Christmas: Big Family, Big Need
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