After the last abortionist retired, Guam is officially the first inhabited land that is controlled by the United States to become abortion free.

For the last few decades, two abortionists have been committing abortions in Guam. However, Dr. Edmund Griley retired in 2016 and the last abortionist, Dr. William Freeman officially retired in May.

Dr. William Freeman previously performed  abortions at the Women’s Clinic where Dr. Jeffrey Gabel worked under him. On June 1, following Freeman’s retirement announcement, pro-life Dr. Gabel officially took over the facility.

Gabel refuses to perform abortions, leaving the island without any doctors willing to continue abortions. “I’m pro-life. I’ve always been against it,” he explained.

The Women’s Clinic has since been renamed, “Dr. Gabel’s Clinic Obstetrics & Gynecology Para Famalao’an.”

Although Freeman retired on May 31, he is still licensed to practice and is allowed to continue to use Gabel’s clinic, although his future patients will only consist of those seeking infertility services, according to Gabel.

Abortion remains legal up to 13 weeks, 26 weeks if a baby has a birth defect or disability, or the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest.

According to the Esperansa Project, “given the Guam average of 3,400 births per year, 289 in 2016, means one out of every 12 pregnancies end in abortion.”

As of now, thanks to Freeman’s retirement, all of the babies are safe from abortion. Here is to  hoping we will not see another abortionist operating on the island any time soon, if ever.

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