Human Defense Initiative is excited to announce we have officially launched our 4th Annual Christmas Extravaganza! 

This year we decided to host Christmas registries on behalf of FOUR families who have sadly lost everything in natural disasters. We couldn’t imagine the hardships these families have faced, starting over from nothing with little ones this year. With rising prices, the holiday season is already difficult enough, so we wanted to remove that burden from these families and ensure their children would have a Christmas they’ll never forget after the tragedies they’ve endured. However, to make this happen, we need YOUR help now more than ever! With Christmas approaching quickly, these items must be sponsored as soon as possible to ensure Santa arrives in time and all presents are nicely wrapped under the tree for Christmas morning. We hope you are touched by the stories below and find it in your heart to make a Christmas miracle come true for these nine children this year. Based on what the parents explained the children needed or liked, we have compiled four registries with wrapping paper, tape, and seven gifts for each child. 

As always, we have enabled group gifting on the more expensive items so that anyone can contribute any amount toward those presents. Also, simply select the gift address at the checkout to ensure the items ship directly to the families! 


In early November, Stephanie’s family’s home was destroyed by the EF4 tornado that hit Idabel, Oklahoma. She has three children. Her 10-month-old son needs footie pajamas and would love some baby toys. Her 6-year-old daughter loves Barbies, Doc McStuffins, and unicorns. She would also specifically really like to have a baby doll. Noah is a 12-year-old boy who loves fishing, board games, dinosaurs, cars, and gaming. 



Megan’s family lost everything to a devastating house fire in September. She has three children. Her 13-year-old daughter loves makeup and anything art related, especially painting. She’s also in need of new shoes and more shirts. Her 3-year-old daughter loves art, Paw Patrol, and bath toys. She also needs 4T clothes. Lastly, her 9-month-old son desperately needs clothes and loves cars, light-up toys, and balls. He also needs a night light. 





Lori’s family’s home was absolutely flattened by the EF4 tornado that hit Powderly, Texas, at the beginning of November. She has two teenage children. Her daughter loves Bath and Body Works, hunting, and jewelry. She specifically dreams of having a pair of Birkenstocks and needs some new slippers. Her son loves gaming and Call of Duty. He dreams of a mountain bike and desperately needs new shoes. Although their items are a bit more expensive, each item is open to group gifting, where you can contribute any amount toward those items. After all, teens deserve a good Christmas too!


Thank you in advance for standing up for life and family! We couldn’t help these families without you! Even if you cannot give at this time, please share this link to your page to help spread these needs far and wide. Every share, donation, and prayer helps make a difference! 

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