Film Detailing Story Of Abby Johnson Set For 2019 Release

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By Caitie Crowley

Abby Johnson, Planned Parenthood Director turned Pro-Life Advocate, has always been passionate about women’s health.

Right out of college, she was recruited to work for Planned Parenthood. During her eight years with them, she was promoted and became community outreach director and media spokeswoman. She truly thought she was helping women until the day she had a change of heart.

The full-length dramatic feature movie, Unplanned, takes the viewer through Johnson’s conversion story and what led her into her ministry, And Then There Were None, which helps clinic workers leave the abortion industry.

The writers and directors teamed up with production partners from God’s Not Dead and producers from I Can Only Imagine to bring Johnson’s story to life.

“No one is too far gone for redemption,” Johnson said in an interview with The Stream. “Healing and God’s mercy are available for everyone. That’s really the message that I hope this movie will convey to the public.”

Initially, Johnson had some doubts about the movie being created due to potential media smears that would come.

Johnson shared, “This is going to expose my life and my family in a way that we have not before. Honestly, it was a very vulnerable, scary feeling… [However], here’s the beauty of being honest with your conversion, everything that is ugly about my past has already been revealed. People know who I once was. I’m the first to say, that was totally me. Now look at the new creation I am in Christ.”

While filming, the producers set a strict embargo for anyone who learned of the project. No social media or press releases until after filming was complete. They even called the movie by a different name, Redeemed, to ensure safety from potential protestors.

The directors also warned the actors before signing on that they may face backlash. Despite the potential risk, Ashley Bratcher, who portrays Johnson, sees this as an opportunity for open discussion.

“Being in the film industry, I am friends with all kinds of people,” explained Bratcher. “There are all different opinions. This is a chance to open up the conversation to my pro-choice friends. Here is one woman’s real-life story. Let’s talk about it.”

Be sure to see Unplanned this spring and check out the film’s website for more information.

Film Detailing Story Of Abby Johnson Set For 2019 Release
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