A plethora of pro-life laws were passed in 2019, which not only protect the human rights of preborn children, but also safeguard women’s health and defend the right of women to be fully informed. Ironically, however, “feminist” abortion advocates oppose such protections, but support abortion which actually harms women and violates informed consent. Despite the abortion industry’s deceptive propaganda, abortion is, in fact, not safe healthcare and is anti-choice. While pro-life laws work to increase women’s safety, abortion advocates fight to repeal abortion regulations, which endangers women by removing requirements for ultrasounds, physicians’ concurring opinions of treatment plans, and hospital admittance for late-term abortions with higher risks.

Planned Parenthood’s own pamphlet admitted abortion is dangerous to women’s health and lives, and can cause infertility. Abortion increases the risk of subsequent miscarriage, premature birth, life threatening complications such as infection or injury, and even causes 4.5 times more maternal death. Women suffer mental health consequences as well. Sadly, 65% of post-abortive women suffer PTSD, and abortion causes a six-time higher rate of suicide. Despite such severe risks, over 80% of women are not fully informed and feel abortion is their only “choice,” and over 70% feel pressured and receive little to no counseling.

Pro-life advocates are hopeful the Louisiana law currently before the U.S. Supreme Court will be upheld, not only to increase safety standards, including requirements for physicians to have hospital admitting privileges in case of patient emergencies, but also to consider the testimony of over 2,600 women who suffered severe physical health complications, including emergency hysterectomies, and “extreme emotional turmoil” caused by abortions. Approximately 30% of abortions cause complications, with 10% suffered immediately, and 1 in 5 of those complications are major or life-threatening. The legal brief includes documented evidence of abortion clinics’ “poor safety records, inadequate credentialing practices, and efforts to undermine health and safety regulations designed to protect women.” The clinics have a long history of “medical malpractice, disciplinary actions, violations of health and safety standards” and “covering up sexual abuse of young girls.”

Instead of “the fox guarding the hen house,” the law before the Court could help regulate “incompetent and unsafe” practices and shutter shoddy clinics which are not prepared to help women suffering emergency complications. While abortion advocates claim pro-life laws erode women’s rights, the truth is the exact opposite. Such laws protect women’s health by making clinics safer and fully informing patients of procedures, risks, and options. Clinics with health and safety violations which harm women and lack accountability must either come into compliance or close; yet abortion advocates not only oppose requiring physicians to have hospital admitting privileges to access vital healthcare for women with emergency complications, but also ignore women who have been harmed, and falsely argue such protections cause “undue burden” to women’s access, though in fact, safe and ethical clinics far outnumber abortion clinics (including Planned Parenthood) and provide more services.

Abortion is the only medical procedure which is so dangerously unregulated, with patients uninformed, injuries under-reported, and lack of accountability for malpractice. Overwhelming supermajorities of Americans support safer health standards: 75% support holding abortionists to the same standards as any other physician, 70% support holding abortion clinics to the same standards as hospitals, and 78% want abortionists to be equipped to immediately transfer patients directly to emergency rooms. However, such will of constituents is not reflected in current law, and those claiming to be for women’s health actually fight against such safeguards.

Instead of complying with better standards for women’s health and safety, Planned Parenthood delays 911 calls and lies about injuries and deaths caused by abortion. Its newest mega-facility in Illinois had only been open a few weeks and already injured a woman, requiring an ambulance. Witnesses say the woman was in “major distress and very pale.” Although the public was told the clinic would be better and safer for women, its abortionists are not regulated, nor even doctors. Pro-abortion laws actually decrease inspection requirements and other safeguards for women’s health.

Planned Parenthood surreptitiously built the new Illinois facility under a shell company so no one would know they planned to build an abortion facility in order to avoid builders who would refuse the project. After countless health and safety violations and injuring over 75 women at Planned Parenthood’s clinic just over the state line in Missouri, the clinic was allowed to continue performing dangerous abortions without a medical license. Planned Parenthood built its mega-facility in Illinois to evade health and safety measures in place in neighboring Missouri, which may now force that clinic to close. However, the same staff who injured women in Missouri can continue to work at the new Illinois mega-facility, which has already injured women.

Despite such alarming harm to women, abortion proponents continue to increase demand for more extreme abortion access, which, in turn, increases health risks and unethical practices. Planned Parenthood even deliberately alters abortion procedures without informing patients, increasing risks to women in order to deliver live babies to harvest their organs for more lucrative profit, despite the egregious human rights abuse and greater danger to patients. Undercover investigative journalist David Daleiden’s videos exposed abortionists admitting to giving dangerously high doses of harmful abortion drugs and purposely over-dilating women, risking hemorrhage and injury, all for the sole purpose of obtaining live, intact fetuses to unlawfully harvest body parts for more profit.

The exploitation of women for profit is so extreme, it not only permits infanticide and ignores harm to women, but also led to another exposé of abortionists who lied to women who were not even pregnant and tricked them into dangerous abortion procedures that could cause infertility and other detrimental health consequences. Preying on women’s vulnerability, abortionists purposefully misinformed women and pressured them into abortion “as quickly as possible.” Such dangerous scams to increase profits by giving abortions to non-pregnant women date back as early as 1978. Guttmacher abortion data relies on information from abortionists themselves, thus fails to include unreported violations and health consequences. One abortionist who committed such a harmful scam was exposed after selling abortions to undercover officers, but was only sentenced to 18 days in jail for fraud. However, giving deadly abortion pills to women who are not pregnant is battery, and performing risky surgical abortions on non-pregnant women is sexual battery; but the victims are unaware they were victimized and are left without recourse, the evidence is destroyed, and the abortionist is not brought to justice for his crimes. It would be prudent for more investigations to further uncover the already vast scope of the abortion industry’s dangerous and illegal violations.

A recent Illinois law was celebrated as being “for women’s rights,” but the law actually repealed criminal penalties for abortionists who intentionally perform dangerous abortions on women who are not pregnant. The horrific law leaves women harmed by abortion with no justice, and removes licensing and inspection requirements for abortion facilities, removes the requirement that deaths caused by abortion be investigated by a coroner, and blocks access so that no abortion documentation, including 911 calls, will be available to the public via the Freedom of Information Act, thus deliberately hiding the harm caused by abortion.

The Illinois law also repealed the requirement for fetal anesthesia for pain-capable viable babies, as well as the requirements for a medical reason and a second physician for late-term abortions to care for the baby if it survived. It is appalling that in the same breath pro-abortion Democrats claim to advocate for women and healthcare, they literally cheer for laws that harm women and kill newborn babies.

Additionally, abortion advocates push for dangerously easy access to the abortion pill regimen, which has killed dozens of women and hospitalized thousands with life threatening complications, even requiring blood transfusions. “Feminists” fear monger that overturning Roe v. Wade would send women to back alleys and coat hangers, but, in reality, men who pushed to legalize abortion admitted they falsified statistics. More women died after Roe, yet abortion supporters advocate for “chemical coat hanger” abortions with the same life threatening risks of injury, hemorrhage, and infection. Women are performing do-it-yourself dangerous “back alley” type abortions with risky drugs while at home alone with no medical supervision.

Some women who seek an abortion are not even given a medical exam to confirm pregnancy, assess gestational age, or detect an ectopic pregnancy, which would require emergency surgery. Such risks are now heightened, especially as abortion advocates push for dangerous online, by-mail, or over-the-counter access to the abortion pill in order to evade FDA’s drug safety program, Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies, which is required due to the drugs’ life-threatening risks. The abortion industry also hastily passed a change to increase the gestational limit to ten weeks in which the abortion pill can be taken in order to increase profits, despite the fact that chemical abortions performed later increase health risks to women and are less likely to be effective. Such dangerous access also involves improper development and storage of the drugs, yet abortion activists continue to seek decreased safeguards despite increased health risks.

Abortion advocates also call for expanded abortion pill access to college campuses, endangering teens as well. Complications include painful cramps that can last several weeks, severe bleeding, infection, retained fetal parts, emergency surgery, and even death. Women can experience mental health trauma as well, not only from the extreme physical symptoms, pain and bleeding, isolation, and lack of support, but also from potentially seeing their tiny dead baby with already developing distinct features, yet are advised to “flush it.” Further, women bear the costs of any complications, placing additional burden on women, especially those without health insurance.

Abortion activists continue to dishonestly market the abortion pill as “safe” and “private” so the industry can cut costs, expand its reach to multiply sales and maximize profit, while increasing the lack of accountability for harm to women. It is clear the abortion industry’s agenda is for “political, ideological, and financial” gain, not for women’s best interests. By contrast, pro-life advocates believe “women deserve better than incompetent providers who put profits over people.”

Such lax availability without medical supervision not only increases physical and mental health risks, but also increases risk of harm, force, and violence. Women who have not consented to abort have been unknowingly druggedforced at gunpoint or by other threats and violence, and even killed. New York Democrats appallingly called it an “achievement” when they repealed protections for women whose preborn babies are killed by domestic violence. Disturbingly, over 60% of abortions involve coercion, and widespread chemical abortion access further enables abusers and traffickers.

Planned Parenthood has also been exposed for failing to report statutory rape of minors, advising pimps and traffickers to pose as guardians to obtain abortions for underage sex workers to evade parental consent laws, and encouraging teens to try dangerous sexual practices in order to groom them for profitable abortions. A far cry from protecting women’s rights, despite abortion supporters’ claims, abortion, in fact, perpetuates misogyny and violence.

While abortion advocates support increased dangers to women’s health under the false narrative of being for women’s rights, pro-life advocates pass laws increasing actual health and safety standards. Laws which require parental consent protect young girls from abuse. Laws requiring physicians to have hospital admitting privileges protect women who may suffer complications and bring greater accountability and safer practices and oversight. Laws requiring women to be properly informed via ultrasounds and abortion pill reversal information protect women’s health and uphold the right to be fully informed before making such an important decision that will affect their own lives and the lives of their children. By contrast, abortion clinics will not show ultrasounds because approximately 80% of women will choose life after seeing an ultrasound image of their preborn child, thus revealing the abortion industry’s actual motive is to exploit vulnerable women for profit. Performing ultrasounds not only strengthens the human rights of preborn children, which is perhaps their only chance to be seen and heard, but also protects the women’s health and right to have full information before making such a consequential decision. By not performing ultrasounds, however, abortion clinics violate informed consent and employ dangerous medical practices, as women have died from ruptured ectopic pregnancies that could have otherwise been detected with ultrasound.

An alarming 84% of women are not properly informed and feel they had no “choice” due to lack of information, and over 75% feel pressured and are not counseled about alternatives. Further, over 50% feel rushed or uncertain, yet abortionists purposefully push hasty abortions, and abortion supporters oppose women being informed about abortion pill reversal, especially in case they change their mind after the first pill. It is nonsensical those claiming to be “pro-choice” deliberately withhold vital information from women about life-saving choices.

Abortion pill reversal uses progesterone to reverse the effects of the first abortion pill administered, which blocks progesterone to starve the baby of nutrients. The second pill induces forced early labor. Progesterone is a naturally occurring hormone during pregnancy and has been used for decades as an FDA-approved treatment to stop miscarriages. Abortion pill reversal is a safe treatment that has saved hundreds of lives and is effective nearly 70% of the time, with no increased risk of birth defects or premature birth.

Women whose babies have been born healthy after successful abortion pill reversal have gratefully called the reversal pill their “second chance at choice.” It is telling that since the release of the pro-life film Unplanned, which featured a troubling abortion pill scene, Option Line, which provides women with reversal, experienced a 30% increase of calls, indicating the more informed women are, the more they choose alternatives other than abortion, thus not only revealing abortion advocates’ deceptive moniker “pro-choice,” but also their hypocritical opposition to women being fully informed of all choices.

First trimester aspiration and second trimester surgical abortions, also known as dismemberment abortions, also increase health risks to women, including injury and infection. Further, late-term abortions are often falsely cited to be only in cases of risk to the mother’s health or severe fetal anomaly, but sadly, most late-term abortions are elective, with a healthy mother and viable baby. Abortion advocates callously exploit “medical necessity” to push unrestricted abortion, revealing political and financial aims, not scientific or medical concerns, despite fewer than 10% of constituents supporting unrestricted abortion.

Even in such cases of risk to the mother’s health or fetal anomaly, birth or C-section is safer. Abortion actually prolongs the procedure, increases risks to the mother, and is unnecessarily inhumane to her baby. Additionally, many fetal abnormalities are treatable, and mothers deserve to be fully informed and supported, not encouraged to abort their children when faced with fetal diagnoses. However, most women report receiving such news with false information and discouragement, as well as having lacked adequate time to reach out for additional resources and support.

Both patients, mother and baby, deserve safe healthcare. Providing perinatal hospice treatment for even terminal babies is safer for both mom and baby, more compassionate, and comforts parents with precious time with their child. Thus, under no circumstances is it ever necessary to endanger women and kill babies via abortion.

While pro-life advocates seek to provide women with all pertinent information, safe healthcare, and more resources, abortion activists push for fewer restrictions thus endangering women and denying them vital information. “Feminist” Democrats have vetoed bills, often by slim margins, which safeguard women’s health and provide women essential information about their choices. Pro-life lawmakers assert the “common sense legislation empowers women with information” needed to make “the most informed decision about their health and that of their unborn child,” while those claiming to be “pro-choice” support abortion practices that actually limit women’s information and choices and violate informed consent. Similarly, abortion supporters claim to champion women’s health, but push for dangerously reduced regulations, ignore violations, and fight laws that protect women’s safety.

By contrast, pro-life laws ensure women are provided with more information and choices, safe healthcare services and support. True feminists support women’s health and safety, uphold their right to be informed, and oppose unsafe practices that masquerade as “healthcare” but actually endanger women and their children. Pro-life advocates support women’s motherhood and human rights of their children and believe women deserve real healthcare, not being lied to and dangerously exploited for profit by the abortion industry.

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Noelle has a Bachelor of Science in Education, Master of Arts & a Doctorate of Law. She is pro-life based on moral principles & law.

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