Life After Roe: SCOTUS Restores People’s Rights, But “Feminists” Push Dangerous Abortions as the Only “Choice”

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The SCOTUS Decision 

After fifty years of injustice and millions of lives tragically lost, in a historic decision, upon reviewing Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which presented the constitutionality of States’ laws restricting pre-viability abortions, the Supreme Court of the United States overruled the legally flawed Roe v. Wade (and related case, Planned Parenthood v. Casey) ruling. Thus, the Court upheld the Constitution, the rights of States and the People, and in turn, protects women and children, equality, and human rights. SCOTUS’ majority recognized Roe’s “reasoning was exceptionally weak” and an “abuse of judicial authority,” adding, “the Constitution makes no reference to abortion, and no such right is implicitly protected by any constitutional provision.” 

Legal scholars on all sides of the debate acknowledge Roe had no foundation in “the constitutional text, history, or precedent,” and “the dissent’s failure to engage with this long tradition is devastating to its position.” Wielding “raw judicial power,” Roe created an “elaborate scheme… the Court’s own brainchild,” which “sparked a national controversy that embittered our political culture for a half century.” SCOTUS’ decision further noted that 

“far from bringing about a national settlement of the abortion issue, Roe and Casey have inflamed debate and deepened division. The permissibility of abortion, and the limitations upon it, are to be resolved like most important questions in our democracy: by citizens trying to persuade one another and then voting. That is what the Constitution and the rule of law demand.” 

SCOTUS unequivocally concluded, 

“The Constitution does not confer a right to abortion: Roe and Casey must be overruled; and the authority to regulate abortion must be returned to the people and their elected representatives.” 

Justice Alito further acknowledged

“Roe was on a collision course with the Constitution from the day it was decided, Casey perpetuated its errors… the Court usurped the power to address a question of profound moral and social importance that the Constitution unequivocally leaves for the people. It is time to heed the Constitution and return the issue of abortion to the people’s elected representatives.” 

While abortion advocates stoke bitter controversy with lies that SCOTUS’ ruling strips away “rights,” in truth, the Court accurately noted the Constitution provides no right to abortion and appropriately returned rights and power to the People and their legislative bodies, where such authority belongs. SCOTUS’ decision properly allows States to legislate constituents’ myriad concerns regarding abortion, including protecting the preborn and women’s health. Abortion advocates debunk their own position; when they disagree with the Court’s decision, they argue against its authority. Thus, they should support SCOTUS’ conclusion that rather than an unfounded judicial ruling dictating people’s choices, the Court’s decision rightly restores such rights into the hands of the people themselves, which further empowers women on all sides of the abortion issue “to affect the legislative process by influencing public opinion, lobbying legislators, voting, and running for office. Women are not without electoral or political power.” 

Ironically, Roe had taken away people’s rights, usurping a majority of States’ laws that restricted abortions, and violating bipartisan majorities that still support more restrictions and health and safety regulations today. Additionally, “as science has revealed with clarity the humanity of the unborn,” the public has grown steadily even more favorable toward pro-life views. SCOTUS recognized the Constitution permits each State “to address this issue in accordance with the views of its citizens. Roe and Casey arrogated that authority.” By rectifying the faulty Roe decision, which was “egregiously wrong from the start” and enabled decades of “deeply damaging consequences,” the Court’s astute decision rightly returns abortion laws to the States; over half already have “trigger laws” to ban abortions or implement restrictions that protect women and children and provide more health and safety standards, which is consistent with the will of overwhelming majorities of Americans. 

In addition to restoring the People’s and States’ rights to legislate abortion laws, SCOTUS’ decision also returns fetal research, which was regulated by the federal government, back to the States as well; thus, cutting at the very core of the lucrative abortion industry profiting from trafficking babies’ “fresh” body parts, and hindering unethical and horrifically inhumane experiments and human rights abuses involving taxpayer-funded Food & Drug Administration (FDA), biomedical procurement and pharmaceutical companies, the National Institutes of Health, and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

The “Feminist” Reaction

When Roe was initially decided in 1973, abortion activists politically pressured the Justices to pass Roe for misogynistic aims to exploit women for profit and eugenicists’ objectives. Even Ruth Bader Ginsburg admitted, “At the time Roe was decided, there was concern about growth in populations we don’t want too many of”— like Planned Parenthood’s racist, eugenic founding, abortion remains the leading cause of death and targets minorities. 

Again, abortion activists placed undue pressure on the Justices by exploiting the premature leak of the majority’s draft opinion which indicated the Court’s intent to overturn Roe’s legal flaws. Threatening the Constitutional process, such an unlawful breach sought to influence public opinion by exploiting false fears, as Congressional Democrats attempted to ram through radical legislation to enshrine unrestricted and discriminatory abortions, despite many legal violations and risks, including harm to women, children, and minorities. 

Abortion activists incited violence against the Justices, even including an assassination attempt and riots at their homes, additionally endangering women and children. Indeed, some Justices had to be moved to safe, undisclosed locations due to threats of violence. Democratic leaders perpetuate false propaganda inciting further violence, defying SCOTUS and undermining the judicial institution, while the Department of Justice threatens pro-life States. Also among these “symptoms of the conflict that Roe unleashed,” abortion groups who claim to defend women’s rights continue violent attacks on numerous pro-life centers that provide more safe healthcare services and countless free supportive resources

Such ongoing violence proves abortion advocates are not pro-choice, but actually violently oppose women having any choice other than abortion. In fact, over 80% of women are not properly informed at abortion clinics, despite severe risks. Abortion activists feign concern for women’s rights but oppose pro-life laws that provide women with more information and options and increase health and safety standards, such as clinic inspections and hospital transfers for women with life-threatening complications from botched abortions, which also increase accountability. Abortion clinics have rampant violations of health and safety regulations. Planned Parenthood has been exposed for covering up injuries and deaths of women, enabling child sex abuse, rape, and trafficking, illegally altering abortion procedures, violating informed consent, dismembering babies to illegally evade partial-birth abortion bans, and deliberately endangering women to harvest live, viable babies for profit. To enable her donor Planned Parenthood, Kamala Harris even abused power against journalists who exposed the illegal trafficking of baby body parts; and her successor, Xavier Becerra, now Secretary of HHS, continues the abuses. 

Masquerading as “feminists,” abortion activists exploit deceptive scare tactics about Roe being overturned, while they actually push policies that endanger women, exposing the abortion lobby’s objective is profit, not health. Just as before Roe, when abortion advocates organized underground transports to unsafe illegal abortions, activists again have plans to subvert bans and expand dangerous illegal abortion access. Numerous companies are enabling such dangers; rather than funding pay raises, child care, or other accommodations that actually help working mothers, many corporations shamelessly announced they will fund travel costs to access abortions and evade State laws that protect women’s health. Further violating States’ laws and the will of the People, the controversial Biden administration even proposed building abortion clinics on federal land in pro-life States, which is also an eerie reminder that Democrat eugenicists have used abortion for coercive sterilization of indigenous and minorities. Such troubling plans will remove even more oversight and accountability from abortion clinics that already violate health and safety regulations and cover up harm to women. 

In truth, more women died from legalized abortions after Roe, which merely moved the “back alley” into shoddy clinics that remain dangerously unregulated, and has harmed countless women for decades. Activists increasingly misrepresent abortion as empowering, but in fact, nearly 80% of women say they will never abort again, indicating regret. Abortion advocates silence women harmed by abortion, including life-threatening injuries, infections, subsequent miscarriages and infertility, PTSD, substance abuse, and alarming rates of depression and suicide. By contrast, States with pro-life laws have lower maternal mortality rates, provide women with safe healthcare services and support tailored to their needs, and increase protective health and safety regulations.

Abortion activists justify the majority of abortions by exploiting the small percentage of women who are impregnated by rape or experience pregnancies with health risks. In truth, however, over 80% of survivors who conceived due to rape choose life, and most mothers report the love of their baby is healing after trauma. By contrast, abortion enables rape, adds more violent trauma, and increases risks to women’s physical and mental health. 

Similarly, abortion is never medically necessary. Sadly, most late-term abortions are elective, with a healthy mom and baby. Even for pregnancies with risks to the mother, abortion is a longer procedure with increased risks, while early delivery or C-section is safer for both patients, mom and baby, who both deserve compassionate, safe healthcare with dignity. In fact, 60% of 22-week premature babies survive if provided healthcare, but tragically, 75% receive none. “Viability” is a flawed, arbitrary standard, which not only has moved several weeks earlier since Roe was decided nearly fifty years ago, and continues to evolve with medical advancements, but also discriminates against lives without affluence or regional access to advanced healthcare. 

Human rights are not determined by the method of conception or level of development, but can only be equally protected when distinct life scientifically begins at fertilization when the child already has his or her own DNA. Even the Justices’ opinion in Roe admitted, “If the suggestion of personhood is established,” the faulty basis for abortion “of course, collapses” because the woman would “no longer be alone in her personhood.” Even States that ratified the Fourteenth Amendment’s Equal Protection criminalized abortion and rightly defined the preborn as persons. SCOTUS’ decision noted, “The most striking feature of the dissent is the absence of any serious discussion of the legitimacy of the States’ interest in protecting fetal life.”

Further exposing it is actually not about their claims of women’s rights, bodily autonomy, health or safety, but solely to enable the lucrative abortion industry, activists vehemently oppose SCOTUS’ legally sound ruling to overturn Roe, which upholds Constitutional rights and protects women and children, minorities, equality, and human rights. Democrats are exploiting the ruling to expand the Court, abolish the filibuster to codify unrestricted and discriminatory abortions via congressional legislation, and subvert vast bipartisan majorities that support more restrictions, increased health and safety standards, the life-saving Hyde Amendment, and oppose taxpayer funding of abortions. 

Even taxpayers’ monies, disguised as Covid aid, have funded eugenics groups providing abortion overseas, targeting developing countries that oppose abortion. Activists also disregarded increased health risks and exploited pandemic efforts to dangerously expand abortion access; Planned Parenthood and affiliates fraudulently stole millions in Paycheck Protection Program funds intended to help small businesses. 

Having strayed far from mantras such as “safe, legal, and rare,” abortion activists forcibly push “abortion on demand” with no restrictions, inhumanely through all nine months, including grotesque partial-birth abortions. Alarmingly, some states even proposed bills to legalize infanticide several weeks after birth, clearly criminally violating bodily autonomy, and exposing the abortion industry’s true objective is profits from trafficking body parts. Only permitted in six countries, unrestricted abortion places the United States among countries with some of the worst human rights abuses and violates the will of American majorities who oppose second- and third-trimester abortions.

While falsely fear-mongering that overturning Roe will endanger women, abortion activists ignore the fact that abortions cause higher death rates, and support abortion laws that increase dangers to women’s health, such as repealing safety requirements that abortions be performed by licensed doctors; instead, millions are spent to train assistants, increasing risks of injury and dangerous complications, as inspections have exposed abortion clinics use untrained staff and unsanitary practices. By contrast, pro-life States fund safe healthcare services, increase safety standards, and provide women with countless free resources they need, while Democratic States and even other countries provide access to dangerous abortions that harm women, violate health and safety regulations, and even enable trafficking

Further subverting constituents and laws that protect women and children, Democratic representatives propose taxpayer-funded vouchers to transport women to access dangerous abortions on federal lands within pro-life States. Disturbingly, Senator Elizabeth Warren even suggested Planned Parenthood should set up “tents” on the edges of national parks with “trained personnel,” ironically claiming, “It’s time to declare a medical emergency.” Medical emergency indeed! Relegating women’s “health” to an “unaccountable Wild West” of unsafe outposts lacking physicians, hospitals, or other safeguards will literally cause medical emergencies, proving the “feminist” abortion lobby is a profit-driven agenda with flagrant disregard for women’s health and safety. Abortion clinics lack preparedness for emergency complications, and Planned Parenthood already covers up injuries and deaths of women and fails to report botched abortions, abuse, and trafficking.

Further, abortion activists push dangerous do-it-yourself abortion pills that hospitalize and kill countless women. A recent pro-abortion article even urged women to access the drug misoprostol from veterinarians, which is used to treat ulcers in horses, thus dangerously encouraging women to use it to make their own abortion drugs at home, with no exam or guidance from a doctor. Such disturbing advice not only threatens women’s lives, but enables abusers; alarmingly, over 60% of abortions involve coercion, and women have been unknowingly drugged with abortion pills and suffered life-threatening complications. Abortion activists also support providing abortifacient drugs in vending machines on college campuses, further enabling abuse and endangering minors. 

The abortion pill regimen involves two dangerous drugs, mifepristone and misoprostol, to cut off nutritional supply to starve the baby to death then painfully induce early labor to expel the dead child. Only approved for use during the first ten weeks of pregnancy, when babies in utero already have a heartbeat, gender, fingerprints, brain activity, organs, and nerve function, abortion pills are given to women to take at home alone, despite no exam by physicians to determine gestational age, as risks increase further into the pregnancy. Though abortion advocates tout the drugs as safe, chemical abortions cause painful cramping and profuse bleeding which can last several weeks, dangerous hemorrhage, life-threatening complications, and have an even higher death rate than surgical abortions. Abortion activists support providing increasingly lax access to such deadly drugs from unsafe and even illegal sources, often with improper development, storage, and transport. 

Despite such severe risks, the FDA permanently lifted safety restrictions that required women to have an in-person exam by a doctor, further endangering women, failing to determine if women may have life-threatening ectopic pregnancies or access to medical care in case of emergency complications. Unsafely acquiring such dangerous drugs, which are subject to the FDA’s risk mitigation REMS program, violates the safety regulations, which require providers to ensure women have access to emergency care if she suffers complications. Pro-abortion groups, funded by eugenicists that support coercive population control, push dangerous international access to obtain deadly abortion drugs by mail, even if it is illegal. Subverting laws that protect women’s health, such groups also include mobile access to suction abortions, increasing risks of injury and infection. While claiming to be concerned about women’s health, abortion activists are surging deadly risks to women, as over half of abortions are now dangerously unsupervised DIY back-alley type chemical abortions.

Such risks further endanger women’s mental health as well. Abortion clinics advise women to “flush it” down the toilet at home alone, and fail to provide continuity of care for women suffering dangerous complications. After the abortion drug painfully induces early delivery of her now stillborn child, looking closely, women may even identify the body of their tiny formed baby, and even count fingers and toes, often causing further trauma to women’s mental health, in addition to the life-threatening dangers to their physical health. Further, abortion clinics offer no follow-up care, are not equipped for emergencies, and often do not report botched abortions. By contrast, pro-life laws increase safety regulations, and pro-life groups provide support and healing resources.

The Pro-Life Response

Unlike Planned Parenthood, most pro-life pregnancy help centers receive no direct federal funding, but significantly outnumber abortion clinics, including mobile ultrasound units, and provide more safe healthcare services, material aid, and supportive resources. It is telling that 80% of women choose life if simply given a sonogram. Fully informed and empowered with alternatives and support that women actually seek, 99% report positive experiences and satisfaction with services provided by pregnancy centers. 

At abortion clinics, however, over 70% feel pressured and receive no counseling about alternatives. Over 50% of women feel uncertain and rushed to abort, but activists who push deadly abortion drugs hypocritically oppose pro-life laws that require women be informed about life-saving abortion pill reversal, which safely administers the natural pregnancy hormone progesterone to protect women’s health and choice to save the pregnancy. If the baby is determined viable after the first abortion drug was taken, to reverse the damaging effects, a large dose of progesterone is administered; then, progesterone continues to be administered throughout the first trimester, and the mother is referred to a pregnancy help center for safe care and support throughout her pregnancy. Abortion pill reversal has nearly a 70% success rate, with no increased risk of birth defects, and even fewer premature births. The 24/7 abortion pill reversal hotline (1-877-558-0333) has saved thousands of lives, in nearly all States and dozens of countries.

While SCOTUS’ decision to overturn Roe and Casey appropriately upholds Constitutional rights and returns abortion laws to the People and States, “feminists” push dangerous abortions that harm women’s health, exploit women for profit, and perpetuate misogynistic falsehoods that claim women cannot succeed without killing their children. By contrast, pro-life advocates increase health and safety standards, provide women with more safe healthcare services, and fund countless resources that support women’s actual needs.

Abortion restrictions reduce abortions and unplanned pregnancies, but abortion activists relentlessly increase dangerous abortion access, while pro-life groups increase safe healthcare and supportive services to women in need. Pro-life laws provide safer health regulations and tangible aid such as tax relief and prenatal child support, while pro-life groups help women and families with housing, education, financial assistance, counseling, and supplies many years after birth.

President of Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, Majorie Dannenfleser, who has been at the center of this significant human rights movement for many years, described the pro-life approach and important work that remains, 

“We will build broad support for the most protective laws for unborn children and assistance for their mothers in every single state. When we, as a country, serve women as they deserve to be served, we don’t make them choose, we don’t influence them to choose one over the other. We serve both woman and child.”

“The majority of Democrats think that abortion should be restricted to just the first trimester. That is completely contradictory to Roe v. Wade. There is only one place the abortion lobby will allow its candidates to go and that is every abortion up until the end, paid for by you and me. That’s it. Roe was a conversation ended. That was not winning over anybody’s opinion, that was saying your opinion counts for nothing. Now is a moment when your opinion counts. There used to be one front in this battle, now there are 51, if you include territories, even more. And so the wheels of democracy are spinning. And when you look at what we know about what people think already, most of the argument is already won. Abortion after the first trimester is rejected in every battleground state.”

“You want to save every child. And serve every mother. The answer is to get to the root causes… the people that exploit our situation for money, and who circumvent the law by sending pills in the mail. That is a RICO violation. When you conspire to break the law, you deserve to be penalized, you deserve to have your medical license taken away, you deserve to have your corporate privileges suspended. That will never be on the back of the woman who needs and deserves more than she’s receiving from this group of people who give her one thing when she’s in crisis: a pill and a lonely room with no help, no doctor supervision, no real plan for what will happen if she hemorrhages.”

“We’ve been working on a program, Her Pregnancy and Life Assistance Network, Her PLAN. I’ve talked to, so far, 22 governors about the need to make sure we are comprehensive in how we serve [women]. What we’ve done so far is massive inventories to make sure women and children have access to care, includ[ing] serving her if she is addicted, serving her if she has no housing, serving her and her child if has no healthcare or childcare. Serving what her particular needs are without taking the life of her child. Affirming her life and affirming the life of her child by believing in her and helping her build instead of undermining her life.”

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