Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

Our mission is to spread the truth about abortion and other life issues, changing minds and hearts as well as saving lives through our life-affirming helpline, news articles, and digital outreach.

We are the first 100% digital-based millennial-led pro-life organization. All of our contributors are remote, so unlike other organizations you can volunteer with us from anywhere in the world!

Human Defense Initiative is a nonpartisan organization and in turn not associated or affiliated with any political party. Additionally, we have many contributors with various political backgrounds and do not discriminate.

Human Defense Initiative is not officially associated or affiliated with any particular religion. Additionally, we have many contributors with various religious backgrounds or lack thereof and do not discriminate.

As a digital-based organization we are completely remote and do not have a physical location, since all of our contributors live in various places around the globe. However, we are only able to serve those who currently reside within the United States through our pregnancy help services.

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We serve expecting mothers and anyone in temporary material need with young children, including single fathers. We also provide post-abortive healing services to post-abortive parents and post-abortive siblings (those who’ve lost a sibling to abortion). Learn more about our services HERE.

Our services are always 100% free to our clients!

If you don’t know where to turn, we’re here for you. Feel free to reach out via text at 682-777-9557, email at, or via DM through Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter @humandefenseini. 

Our clients either reach out to us directly or are referred to us by our followers, partners, or other pro-life organizations. If we can help, we do ⁠— or we refer them to somebody who can! 

We provide support through our helpline and walk alongside all of our clients throughout their journeys. We also host registries for material assistance. While most of our clients are expecting and need assistance with baby items, we also help those with young children facing temporary need with necessities. Additionally, we provide counseling to post-abortive parents facing abortion regret and post-abortive siblings as they process the loss of their sibling to abortion.

We are unable to help internationally at this time and can only serve clients who are currently residing within the United States. However, we do our best to connect those who live internationally with other organizations or resources in their respective area.

We are unable to offer financial assistance at this time and likewise cannot share financial fundraisers. However, we can help with material items to ease the financial burden for clients who are struggling to provide necessities for their children. We can also provide referrals to community resources.

We know this time can be overwhelming so we put together a page HERE with answers to frequently asked questions about pregnancy and your options. Check it out and then head on over to our resources page HERE for more information or to reach out! We’re here for you.

Get Involved

Our contributors work together remotely via our shared communication platforms to create content to educate the public about the truth behind life issues including abortion, adoption, euthanasia, and physician-assisted suicide. Depending on which teams they choose to join, their responsibilities are different. Some write national, international, and commentary articles so our readers can stay up-to-date on what’s going on regarding current events. Others edit these articles before publication. Our designers design the graphics for our social media channels and our social media team develops posts to go out on our various social media accounts. As a contributor, you’ll be in a team chat where you can communicate with other like-minded people and make friends!

Apply to join our team HERE.

Anyone with a passion for the pro-life movement who is willing to volunteer their time to help with our digital outreach whether through writing, editing, graphic design, or assisting with social media can join. No experience is necessary but you have to be willing to learn. Our team is remote so anyone anywhere in the world can join!

While we love contributors to help consistently, we understand sometimes life gets in the way so our minimum requirement is that all of our contributors help out at least once a month or otherwise communicate to our leadership team that they will be taking the month off.

Hang tight! One of our representatives will reach out to you shortly by email with the next steps. We can’t wait to have you on our team!

If you don’t wish to join our contributor team, don’t worry — you can still support our mission by donating to either our monetary fund or through our registries, purchasing and repping our merch, sharing our content to help us reach more people, and/or praying for our organization. Learn more about supporting HERE.

We actually are unique in the fact we do not have any paid staff. All of our contributors serve on a volunteer basis. So, while we are not hiring for paid positions, we’re always looking for new volunteers. Click HERE to learn more about joining our team.

Donating and Support

You can sign up to give a one-time or monthly donation HERE.

Your privacy is important to us so donations are processed on a safe and secure gateway, and your information is never shared.

Yes! We have both shirts and other merchandise for sale both HERE and HERE.

We often host Amazon or Walmart registries on behalf of our clients to ensure they have the necessities for their children. This gives our donors the unique opportunity to purchase items that are shipped directly to the family in need. When you choose to give through a registry you get to choose the item so you know what your money is going toward (diapers, crib, etc). You can find our latest registry HERE. You can also help further our mission by sharing our content on social media, shopping our merch HERE, and/or praying for our organization. 

To purchase an item at full cost, visit the registry, add the item to your cart, and choose the “gift address” at the checkout. This ensures your item ships directly to the client! More expensive items have an option to contribute money toward that item through group gifting. Find our latest registry HERE.

Despite 100% of the funds going back into the organization, Human Defense Initiative is not a 501(c)3 so donations are not tax-deductible. If you are looking for a way to give to the pro-life movement that is tax-deductible we recommend donating to your local pregnancy center.

Human Defense Initiative does not receive any government funds, grants, or loans. We rely on donations from our donors to pay our monthly costs. We are very thankful for any and all gifts no matter the amount. You can donate HERE.

Each of our clients goes through a verification process to ensure the legitimacy of their pregnancy and/or need as well as their identity.