We have yet another family who is in desperate need! Cory and Matt lost everything and are starting over with next to nothing. This young couple and their little dog were trying to relocate for a new job when, tragically, they lost all their belongings, including clothes.

They are now relocated and working on rebuilding their lives but need assistance with everything from household items, kitchenware, bedding, clothes, shoes, food, hygiene and healthcare products, and other necessities, so we’ve set up a registry for them as they work to get back on their feet. In addition, we’ve included some medicine because Cory fell ill recently. 

Some of the biggest needs they have are pots, pans, a hot plate to cook with, cooking utensils, towels, a comforter, soaps, clothes, shoes, socks, dishes, silverware, and healthcare items. 

In addition to the items on the registry, they need more groceries that were unfortunately unavailable or ineligible for shipping, such as meat, cold foods, and canned goods (which we can’t get shipped due to denting issues in the past) so, if you would like to contribute to their groceries, please consider donating a Walmart gift card.

Simply add the items you wish to order from the list to your cart and choose the gift address at the checkout to ensure all items ship directly to Cory and Matt. 

If you have any issues with your order or prefer to shop at Amazon rather than Walmart, please PM us on Twitter or Instagram @humandefenseini or email us at humandefenseini@gmail.com, and we’d be glad to assist.

Thank you in advance for your support and for standing for all life!  


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