We’ve all heard the old adage: “The customer is always right.” Listen to the customer’s needs. Meet those needs. Don’t even think about doing the customer any harm! That would be ridiculous.

However, are you aware that Huggies, Pampers, and other diaper brands have flourished whilst harming their customers? That’s right; these companies are actually supporting the death of their own clientele.

When Roe v. Wade was overturned, several diaper companies lamented its fall on social media. In addition, Pampers, Hello Bello, and Coterie pay for their employees’ abortions. Huggies has connections to Planned Parenthood

These are just a few examples of pro-choice efforts in the diaper industry. After being appalled by the anti-family agendas of major diaper brands over recent years, one group of parents decided to spark change. 

In their own words: “We simply couldn’t — and wouldn’t — sit on the sidelines anymore.”

The result of their efforts? EveryLife, a pro-life company for baby supplies.

The company has four core values: celebrating life, standing with integrity, championing parenthood, and being rooted in faith. These values stand in stark contrast to the values espoused by leading diaper brands. That’s because EveryLife is unique.

You see, this baby company supports Live Action and other pro-life nonprofits. In fact, the entire mission of the business is centered around the pro-life message.

This worthy cause is nothing new to EveryLife’s founders. EveryLife is the first wholly owned subsidiary of PublicSquare, a digital marketplace. PublicSquare allows Americans who are pro-life, pro-family, and pro-freedom to easily shop with companies that support their values. Upon visiting the website, one can find a vast array of products, from food to candles to diapers—including EveryLife diapers!

The diapers are plant-based, and they limit or eliminate harsh chemicals. For example, they contain no fragrances or phthalates. But that’s not all—the diapers are also free from dyes, lotions, latex, and parabens. Such chemicals could harm a baby’s brain and body. EveryLife’s mission involves celebrating life, not bringing harm to it.

Need another reason to love EveryLife? Get this: if you don’t have babies, you can still support the cause. The “Buy for a Cause” program involves buying diapers and wipes that will be donated to a pro-life organization. Simply purchase some baby products and enjoy the gift of giving.

Human Defense has partnered with this amazing company for a special offer. If any HDI supporters would like to purchase diapers or wipes for their own families, they can use the discount code DEFENSE10 to get 10% off!

It’s time to leave pro-choice diaper companies behind. Hit them where it hurts and vote with your dollars. Let’s each make the choice to support life, together. Shop now at everylife.com.

All photos provided by EveryLife.

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