El Paso Abortion Facility Closes Following Years Of Health Violations

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By Skyler Lee

An abortion facility in El Paso, Texas has officially closed after life advocates prayed for two decades.

Reproductive Services, which has provided surgical and medical abortions since 1973, finally closed down two months ago after failing to renew its license with the Department of Health and Human Services, following years of health violations.

Although Reproductive Services claims to provide “outstanding services to women” and “excellence in outpatient abortion care,” it is clear the facility does not care about women, violating multiple rules set in place to keep women safe.

In 2014, the facility closed temporarily over not having hospital admitting privileges, a requirement due to a pro-life law at the time which was later overturned.

In 2016, the facility was issued citations for improper sterilization and not providing patients with hospital contact information in case of an emergency. The facility was also found to be violating the state’s mandatory 24-hour waiting period, which allows women the necessary time to think through their options between visiting the facility and actually acquiring an abortion.

Last year, Reproductive Services was fined $1,165 for additional health violations.

Reproductive Services has also been known to provide false information to clients, describing the abortion pill inaccurately on their website as a pill which “stops the growth of your pregnancy.” According to LiveAction, the abortion pill actually starves the growing preborn child of nutrients so it is no longer able to develop.

Additionally, the abortion facility has sent women home to complete the two-step abortion pill process, which has been proven to increase risks.

After years of manipulation and a horrible track record, the abortion facility appears to be closed for good, a victory which the Diocese of El Paso, who has prayed outside of the facility for two decades, praises.

Reproductive Services was only one of three abortion facilities in the El Paso Area and its closure leaves only Hilltop Women's Reproductive Clinic of El Paso and Women's Reproductive Clinic of Sunland Park.

El Paso Abortion Facility Closes Following Years Of Health Violations
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