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We know you may be thinking this is different than our usual registry articles and it is. We are very sad to inform you that one of our Human Defense Initiative babies, Donnie, has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer at just two years old. It has been our absolute honor to watch Donnie grow up over the last two years and we couldn’t be more shocked and devastated about this news. As you can imagine, this was a complete shock to his family as well. In fact, before being diagnosed in February, he had been to the doctor for a checkup in January and even the doctors’ missed it! Due to the aggressive form of neuroblastoma, the hospital admitted Donnie immediately and started him on a treatment plan. While not even the doctors know what his future holds at this moment, we are praying for complete healing for Donnie. Since Donnie’s mother, Veronica, has been at the hospital with him for treatments, she’s been unable to work, creating a financial strain on her family, especially since she’s a single mom of multiple young children. 

Donnie before being diagnosed.
Donnie after his haircut before losing his hair.


We were first connected with Veronica in 2019. Veronica is very pro-life and has always welcomed a big family. In fact, Donnie is number 11! However, like many families, they have had plenty of ups and downs over the years. When we first met Veronica, she was pregnant with Donnie and their family was temporarily homeless after their home was destroyed, so we hosted a baby registry on her behalf. We stayed in contact after Donnie was born and upon finding out later that year her health had greatly deteriorated and she was suffering financial loss due to recovering from emergency kidney removal surgery, her 11 kids also became the recipients of our first ever Christmas Extravaganza. And our connection doesn’t stop there. Veronica’s also an artist and donated a painting to our auction back in 2019 to help us raise funds to help more mamas in need! 

Since 2019, Veronica’s life seemed to finally be back on track. They got a new home, she started a successful TikTok channel (you can follow their journey here) and she found out she was pregnant with baby number 12! However, 7 months into her pregnancy and just recently after beginning her journey as a single mom, she found out about Donnie’s diagnosis. Ever since, she’s been in and out of the hospital for his treatments and has no longer been able to work. To help with this financial strain, she set up a GoFundMe. For those who prefer not to give money, she also welcomes any gifts for Donnie to help brighten his day while he fights for his life. Nothing makes him happier than opening the presents!

Although we don’t normally share financial fundraisers, we are making a one-time exception due to the life-threatening circumstances of one of our HDI babies. Additionally, we have set up a registry and wishlist for those who would rather send gifts specifically for Donnie. We have included clothes, diapers, wipes, and a few gifts on his registry. According to his mama, he loves anything spicy or spooky. His favorite movie is the Nightmare Before Christmas. We’ve also set up a wishlist containing dinner gift cards options because Donnie refuses to eat the hospital food.


If you find it in your heart to bless Donnie and his family during the most difficult time of their lives, you can order a gift through Amazon via this registry and wishlist: 

Gifts (brighten up his day!):

Giftcards (desperately needed to continue DoorDashing food he can eat): 

or give a financial gift via:


Venmo: @thismadmama


Thank you all for standing for life as Donnie fights for his!

How the Registry & Wishlist Works: 

Simply choose Donnie’s gift address during checkout to ensure all gifts ship directly to him. As always we have also enabled group gifting on any expensive items so multiple donors can contribute toward those items to fully fund them! If you have any questions about how to give, message us at @humandefenseini on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. 

Important Note: 

ANY negative comments about our mamas or their families will result in an automatic block from our social media channels. Please respect these families and only share supportive messages. 

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