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If you wish to contribute to our pro-life cause your donation is greatly appreciated.


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Our goal is to continue to grow our outreach, ensuring a voice for the voiceless is heard in areas where it is needed the most through our publication as well as upcoming fundraisers and events! Once our brand is established, we will work to expand our initiative to college campuses with tabling and speaker engagements. All donations to the GoFundme will go toward spreading our outreach.

Help Moms in Need

At Human Defense Initiative we host registries so moms in need can get material assistance. Rather than donating money, our registries are a wonderful way to actually purchase needed items such as baby items for families and know exactly what your money is going toward. In the past we have done a diaper drive and we are currently hosting a food drive for a mom of five children, including a special needs three year old son.

Stephanie's husband recently lost his job and while they await food stamps they need help getting food for their family.

To read Stephanie's son's story click HERE.

To donate snacks/food to her family click HERE.

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