Help Save Lives

Help Us Save Lives

While we rejoice that Roe v. Wade has been overturned, we recognize that the fight is not over. In fact, there has never been a greater or more important time to show women that there is life-affirming help available to them.

Although Roe is gone, abortion is not. The discrepancy of funding between the abortion industry and the pregnancy help world is huge. It takes tireless work to match the money and time that goes to perpetuate the practice of abortion. Women need more help than ever and pro-life organizations need more funds than ever.

With Roe dismantled we have already seen an influx of women coming to us for help. And yet, our help is not limitlessly funded by large corporations or federal tax dollars.

We are 100% donor funded and volunteer run. Our team of pregnancy helpline counselors, graphic designers, writers, and content creators are not paid a single cent. We all serve in these positions because we truly care about women and children. But we cannot meet the needs of our clients if there is nothing to give them.

Can you help us continue to grow and reach even more families facing unplanned pregnancy this year?

Let us show the abortion industry that women do not need their culture of death to live fulfilling lives. Women have never needed abortion, but they will always need life-affirming help that values both them and their unborn child.

We need to raise funds to continue spreading the truth about abortion, changing hearts and minds and saving lives through our online news platform as well as funds to continue meeting the material needs of our clients.

  1. Baby Box Shipping Fund

We want to have a fund for shipping costs to send packages to families in dire need of material aid. This will allow us to have the funds on hand to meet certain needs that are time sensitive and help more clients than we’re currently able to manage registries for. 

  1. Registries and Diaper Fund

Sometimes we have a baby registry that does not get fully funded in time for a mother’s due date (and sometimes our mamas go into labor unexpectedly early!). By having an additional fund allocated for this, we would be able to purchase her most needed items and/or complete her registry in time for delivery so she is not left scrambling for last minute items but can enjoy her time with her newborn with as many of her needs met as possible.

  1. Essential Operations Fund

Our essential operations fund will go toward the costs to maintain the design and web platforms we use to create our content (graphics, social media content, website) etc. to continue to spread the truth about abortion, change minds and save lives.

Will you consider partnering with us through a monthly donation or one-time gift today? 

Thank you for standing for life. Together we change minds and hearts, save lives, and support families. Together, we make a difference.   

NOTE: If you would like your donation to go to a specific part of our ministry please PM us, email us a or note it when you make your donation. Donations through Fundly or our registries are not tax deductible.

Other Ways to Support

Material Assistance:

You can send baby items or other necessities straight to our clients through our registries! Simply add an item to your cart and click the gift address at the checkout to send the item on its way.

Spread the Word:

By sharing our content on social media, whether that be our articles, registries, graphics, or more, you’re helping us reach more people, connect with more clients, and receive more donations.


When you shop our merchandise all of the proceeds go to supporting our life-affirming mission. Repping one of our shirts is a great way to start a conversation!


While we are not officially affiliated with any religion, we always appreciate any prayers for our organization and our clients. It’s a free and simple way to bless our mission.

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