A. Help us ship a baby box to a mom in need

We are so excited to announce we are starting a new project in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. So many expecting mothers have been faced with losing their income. As you can imagine, no one imagined their pregnancy like this. Many expecting mothers can’t have baby showers and some are struggling to even put food on the table. That is why we are launching a baby box project – to help moms in need RIGHT NOW!

Donate today and help us raise the much needed funds for shipping baby boxes to expecting moms in need! Each box will be filled with basic essential items such as diapers, wipes, clothes, bottles, towels, socks, and blankets etc. We estimate each box will be between $25-35 to ship.

We would love for you to partner with us to help ensure expecting moms have what they need to care for their babies during this uncertain time. We thank you advance for your support!

Even if you can’t give, we would really appreciate if you shared and prayed over this project. Your support means everything to us!

Donate by clicking the button below or HERE.

B. Help keep our website online & further our outreach!

As many of you know, Human Defense Initiative (HDI) is a completely volunteer based organization. All funds we receive go back into the organization to keep our website up, pay for our software we use to create content, and cover mailing costs when we need to send moms and families in need extra material assistance.

We are asking that you please consider helping us meet our donation goal so we can ensure we can continue our services. We believe life matters, and we need you to help us continue our outreach. HDI serves as not only a pro-life publication, but also a resource for women facing crisis pregnancies by providing counseling and material assistance.

Multiple women have reached out to us not knowing where to turn when feeling pressured to have an abortion or when facing a lack of support. Thanks to your partnership we have helped them choose life not only through life-affirming counseling, but also by providing them with the necessities to take care of their babies along with other crucial resources. We have also expanded our outreach further to help families with young children who need temporary assistance which can be met through other forms of material assistance (i.e., diaper and food drives) — proving we care about children even after they are born!

Our services now include:

  • Text Helpline - calls by appointment
  • Material Assistance Fundraisers - for expecting mothers and families with young children in temporary need within the US
  • Post-abortive Healing Counseling for both parents and siblings
  • Resource Referrals

It is absolutely amazing to be able to help mothers and families in such a personal way but we could not do what we do without your help. We are simply a group of volunteers working together to help mothers facing crisis pregnancies. We do not receive any grants or government funding and operate solely on the support of our generous donors. We dream of one day expanding our outreach but as for now we are just focused on raising funds for the next few months of operation.

Your donations will help cover the various platforms we use to bring you the best pro-life content and serve our clients including:

  • Website hosting and server
  • Email server
  • Email campaign server (supports our weekly emails to subscribers)
  • Design software
  • Conference software
  • Contract software
  • Other organization expenses (shipping costs for our baby bootie and blanket outreach and other items for mothers as needed)

By partnering with us you connect mothers with the resources they need and ensure they have a life-affirming counselor who will be available everyday to provide them with the support they need to feel confident in choosing life. You also allow us to continue to post powerful digital pro-life news and spread the truth about abortion.

The impact is so rewarding. In fact, earlier this year an expecting mother changed her stance on abortion after reading our articles and chose life for her daughter!

Donate and join us in spreading the truth, changing minds, saving lives, and creating a culture of LIFE. You, too, can make a difference!

Give a gift of any amount and help us:

  • Educate people on life issues through various digital avenues
  • Provide counseling and resources to mothers in need
  • Expand our outreach to touch as many lives as possible
  • Help families with young children in temporary need

Click below to donate today or HERE.