Democrat Bob Casey Claims To Be Pro-Life, Receives 100% NARAL Score

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Bob Casey is considered by many to be a “Pro-life” Democrat. Casey has stated that he believes life begins at conception, taxpayer funds should not fund abortion, and Roe v. Wade should be overturned. “You can’t have the position I have and not believe that,” he said in 2005 regarding Roe v. Wade.

There is just one problem: he is not actually pro-life. He just uses the pro-life position to try to win conservative votes in the swing state of Pennsylvania.

When Neil Gorsuch was nominated, not only did the “pro-life” Casey vote against him, he joined in a filibuster against the nomination. He also signaled he would reject the Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, before he was even nominated

How do we know Casey is not actually pro-life? His 2017 NARAL score was 100%. His 2016 score? Also 100%. For the past two years he has voted pro-abortion in EVERY vote. It is pretty clear that Bob Casey is trying to have his cake and eat it too when it comes to votes regarding abortion.

Bob Casey has also received various donations from Planned Parenthood. If he really is pro-life, why in the world would he be receiving donations from the largest abortion provider in the United States?

Currently, Casey is running for a third term in the Senate for Pennsylvania. He has no primary opponent, and in the general election he will face the Republican nominee Lou Barletta, who is currently struggling in the polls.

Bob Casey has been abusing the pro-life platform for far too long. It’s past time the truth about his real abortion views became known.

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Democrat Bob Casey Claims To Be Pro-Life, Receives 100% NARAL Score
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