Dear silent pro-lifer,

I get it. It’s hard to stand up for your values. No one likes to be yelled at, cursed at, or shamed. Advocating for the preborn can seem intimidating, to say the least.

However, it’s important to understand the magnitude of abortion. Thousands of babies are tortured and killed every day due to abortion. Some are dismembered. Others are suctioned out of the womb. Still others are painfully poisoned to death. These are the facts. If thousands of American adults were tortured in such ways on a daily basis, people would be concerned. But what about the preborn? Shouldn’t their suffering cause concern, as well?

It’s not only the preborn that suffer. Women who have experienced pregnancy at least once, but have also experienced an induced abortion, have a 50% greater risk for breast cancer than other women. That is an enormous difference. Beyond physical health concerns, post-abortive women can face mental health risks. Abortion is not something that is finished on the operating table; its impacts are long-lasting and unavoidable.

Abortion also targets minorities. Of all American women who receive abortions, 40% are black. Due to abortion, African-Americans have seen no significant population growth over the last fifty years. Yet, most people do not realize how serious and saddening this is. In fact, many people view abortion as a blessing to minorities. Planned Parenthood has certainly fulfilled the goal of its eugenist founder, Margaret Sanger: “We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population...”

Today, a real woman near you is considering abortion. Maybe she’s being pressured to abort, lacks the finances to raise a child, or just feels that she has no choice in the matter. This woman could be making an abortion appointment right now. But it may take just one person to change her mind. 

My dear silent pro-lifer, that person could be you.

But what if you stay quiet? Sure, your life will stay comfortable. But this woman’s baby will not be comfortable at all. The baby will die.

What if that baby was your sister, your brother? What if that baby was your niece, nephew, or grandchild? Would you stand up for them then? These babies are all part of our human family. They deserve the same care that our loved ones do.

When we talk about the preborn, we are talking about real human lives. Lives as real as yours and mine. Lives with potential and purpose. Lives that are at stake, every single day.

It is our responsibility to stand up for the preborn, no matter the cost. 

I encourage you to pick an item or two from the list below and follow through with it. You may feel hurt when you’re insulted for being pro-life, but remember who you’re fighting for. How much more would it hurt to be a baby in the womb, being aborted?  

Please use your voice to speak for those without one. You can do this! It’s time for every pro-lifer to get involved in the movement. We can all pick something from the following list.

  1. Place pro-life cards or pamphlets in strategic locations. 

This can be a great way to get your feet wet with activism. Many online stores sell abortion pill reversal cards. You can try placing them at stores where the pill is sold. Of course, if a store manager sees you doing this and asks you to leave, you should leave. You can also place pregnancy resource cards in public locations.

  1. Sign pro-life petitions.

This is something you can do from home, with one click on your keyboard. You can find pro-life petitions at CitizenGO, LifePetitions, and the Moral Outcry. I like to read a petition’s text before I sign it, to make sure I agree with what the petition is actually saying.

  1. Become a Live Action ambassador.

Live Action is offering an ambassador program to the pro-life community. According to their website, ambassadors will get “exclusive training, content, resources, and calls to action” to defend the preborn. Anyone can apply! To apply, click here.

  1. Find a pro-life organization in your area, and volunteer with them.

You may be surprised to find that there are pro-life organizations near you. They may need help with coordinating events, supporting moms, or just plain office work. But even office work will allow you to meet like-minded people who can connect you to more opportunities.

  1. Take a minute to thank pro-life legislators.

Constituents often contact their legislators to tell them to vote “no” or “yes” on a particular bill. But it’s important to thank legislators who you know are pro-life. Email them with a few words of gratitude. It’s not always easy being a pro-life politician! 

  1. Get yourself a pro-life t-shirt.

There are several online pro-life shops that sell clothing, jewelry, and even stickers.  

  1. Find an upcoming protest, rally, or prayer vigil near you.

When you think of a protest, the national March for Life may come to mind. But smaller protests and rallies are held several times a year around the country. I’ve been to protests with groups as small as fifteen. 40 Days for Life also hosts prayer vigils around the country. 

  1. If you’re a student, start or join a Students for Life club at your school.

Middle school, high school, college, and graduate school students can do this. If you’re homeschooled, start a club with your co-op group. If you’re not a student, you probably know one. Tell them about Students for Life of America and encourage them to start a club of their own!

  1. Donate to your local pregnancy resource center. 

This is a simple way to support babies in your community. Items like diapers and infant clothing are examples of pregnancy resource center (PRC) needs. CareNet is a great resource for finding PRCs in your area.

  1. Volunteer online with the Human Defense Initiative.

The Human Defense Initiative allows pro-lifers to pursue their passion remotely, while working for the cause of life. You can choose to make videos, write articles, or work with graphic design and social media. If you don’t have experience with these things, HDI will teach you! Nearly anyone can volunteer, and all volunteers work at their own pace. To sign up, click here.

Try picking an item from the list above and seeing where it takes you. I can’t emphasize it enough—you are needed in this movement. I invite you to raise your voice in unison with the thousands of pro-lifers around this country. You won’t stand alone.

Let’s fight together.

Photo by Maria Oswalt on Unsplash

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