Human Defense Initiative is excited to announce our latest fundraiser for a single father in need!

Dad W’s son was shockingly abandoned by his mother and he was called to unexpectedly take him in. Despite the circumstances, Dad W is thrilled to finally have his son. However, his son has been quickly growing and currently doesn’t have clothes and shoes that fit. His father also doesn’t have the resources to acquire everything his son needs on such short notice and is in desperate need of clothes, shoes, snacks, school supplies, hygiene products, and other necessities for him.

In fact, the boy only had the clothes on his back when he was reunited with his father and was wearing his mother’s shoes.

Will you help this single father as he steps up to care for his son?

In addition to the much-needed necessities on the list, we’ve also included a few fun things for the boy based on his love of dinosaurs and other interests, so he can feel at home during this adjustment period.

Thank you all for supporting families in need and standing for LIFE!

To donate, click the link to the registry below and make sure to click “gift address” under shipping.

We are so thankful to all of you for helping support families and can’t wait for them to see how much love and support there is out there!

Group gifting is enabled on the more expensive items, so you can also donate any amount toward those gifts. Any funds contributed to the “diaper fund” will also go toward items that are not purchased or fully funded.


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