Human Defense Initiative is excited to announce our latest fundraiser for a family in need. 

Dad A was living in Afghanistan and working as a translator. Because of his work with the US Army, when Afghanistan was taken over in 2021, he faced almost certain death if he could not evacuate his family. In fact, he spent 13 hours a day at the Kabul airport with his wife and (then) four children for days, begging coalition soldiers to evacuate him, to no avail. He gave up and went into hiding hours before an explosion at the airport. It was nothing short of a miracle they survived. However, he lost his brother and many friends who unfortunately didn’t make it out alive. 

Over a year later, he was finally able to get to America, where he and his family can finally enjoy peace, security, and safety. He also just welcomed another baby boy. 

He now has a job in the US and is doing his best to support his family, but they arrived here with next to nothing, and they are in dire need of assistance with hygiene products, clothes, shoes, baby items, household necessities, and more as they get on their feet. And thankfully, he was referred to us by his dear friend, who happens to be one of our biggest supporters. 

Dad A has a 13-year-old son, a 12-year-old daughter, a 7-year-old son, a 4-year-old son, a 1-month-old son, and a wife to provide for. He says that while they need everything on the list, the most urgent needs are: 

  • Clothes & shoes for everyone (we have included gift cards for clothing due to the wide range of sizes needed)
  • Hygiene products 
  • Household necessities like toilet paper

Sometimes, families need a helping hand. Here at Human Defense Initiative, we want all families to feel confident that they have what they need to provide for their children. Let’s show Dad A’s family the love and support they deserve! 

To donate, click the link to the registry below. Make sure to click “gift address” under shipping at the checkout to ensure the gift ships directly to Dad A. Thank you so much for your support in advance! Group gifting is also enabled on the more expensive items, so you can donate toward those gifts!


Photo by Marcin Jozwiak on Unsplash

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