The following article is based on an email interview with Vittoria D’Addesi.

Think back to January 2019 – what were you doing? Maybe you were recovering from New Year’s celebrations, or trying to keep up your New Year’s resolutions, or just getting on with life?

Well, since it was Sanctity of Life Month, the D’Addesi family founded a new, pro-life company – COL1972: Culture of Life 1972.


The D’Addesi family started COL1972 to help restore the culture of life Americans were experiencing before the fateful Roe v. Wade decision was handed down in 1973. Since 1973, over 60 million American babies have been aborted, which is not something to take lightly.

Who Is COL1972?

Carla D’Addesi (second from the right) works full time for the company, while her daughters Vittoria (right), Bella (second from left), and Giulia (left), help with social media, the website, and pop-up shops. The four of them design jewelry and clothing. Leonard D’Addesi (the father), a surgeon, sometimes models on the runway if he has the time outside of his duties at the hospital. There is a packing center which packs and ships all the products to customers within 24 hours. They also have a web-designer.

It is not surprising the D’Addesi family started a pro-life company. Vittoria said she is part of a pro-life legacy – there are photographs of her great-grandmother praying outside of a Planned Parenthood in Philadelphia, and her mom writes pro-life children’s books and coloring books.

The Product Line

COL1972 is a street-chic and contemporary business fashion line mainly directed at women, although there is a small men’s collection. All the products are manufactured in the United States for a good price. The company’s return policy is easy, too. You can find out more on the official COL1972 website.

If you visit the website, you will see there is also an Abby Johnson line! Abby Johnson used to be a Planned Parenthood clinic director who became pro-life after seeing an ultrasound-guided abortion. Her story is the basis of the film Unplanned released earlier this year. So how did COL1972 manage to collaborate with her?

If you look on Abby’s Instagram, there is a post from May 6, 2019 in which said she would “promote the heck” out of any pro-life fashion or shoe company’s products. The next day, Carla and Abby were in conversation, and an Abby Johnson fashion line was born!

It was encouraging for COL1972 to see that people were already leaving comments about them before Vittoria had even contacted Abby!

For fun, here are Vittoria’s three favorite products:

1. The ‘1972’ solid gold necklace

2. The simple black COL1972 signature t-shirt

3. The skinny jeans launched on November 1, 2019

What is next for COL1972?

COL1972 is a brand on a mission to use fashion to help and encourage kids, families, and their local communities; a fashion brand with a conscience and without compromise.

The D’Addesis also began the COL1972 Foundation, which gives 10% of the company’s profits to “Culture of Life” organizations – for example, the March for Life, Students for Life, and dozens of pregnancy center auctions.

The greatest reward however, for the women of COL1972, is that they are meeting people who love life and fight for it as much as they do. The endeavor to create a pro-life fashion company has brought the D’Addesi family closer together, and it has created and reinforced connections within the Life Tribe (a term coined by the company, it seems) which exists around the world.

As Vittoria said:

“There are millions of us, but we’re too quiet. We need to wear life on our sleeves – and now we can with this brand.”

For any similar business wanting to start up, COL1972 has some helpful advice: work hard and pray harder.

The future looks bright for COL1972, so go check the company out! Let’s build up the Life Tribe.

To find out more, visit their website or follow their social media @COL1972official.

Header photo credit: COL1972official Facebook page. Used with permission from COL1972.

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