Universities Need Compassionate Care For Pregnant Students, Not Abortion Pills

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By Grace Sommerville

California Senate Bill 320 which is now on the Governor's desk, would mandate that all 34 of the California State and University of California campuses have the abortion pill on hand for students by 2022.

The abortion pill regimen RU-486 (also known as Mifepristone) and misoprostol, is a two-dose procedure which induces a miscarriage for any preborn child ten weeks old and under.

Instead of having abortion pills on campus, what if there were life-affirming pregnancy resources available?

Even a wall with pamphlets and a person to refer to for questions is enough.

Abortion is a dangerous, harmful procedure for both the mother and the baby, therefore it should not be available by request on a campus full of young adults.

What college students truly need is actual support.

Sliding a mother a two-dose abortion pill that results in the death of her innocent baby in a shared dorm bathroom is not "progressive."

She should be able to visit the health clinic and receive life-affirming help, such as a referral to a pregnancy resource center, church care group, or an adoption agency that offers compassionate care.

According to a recent study, many women feel pressured into abortion because it is almost always the first option offered or discussed with a woman during an unplanned pregnancy.

Providing real options can result in countless babies being saved because their mothers are supported and loved.

Contact Governor Edmund G. Brown and urge him to veto the bill by visiting https://govapps.gov.ca.gov/gov39mail/, calling his office or sending an email.

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Universities Need Compassionate Care For Pregnant Students, Not Abortion Pills
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