New Satirical Video Highlights Pregnancy Resource Centers

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By Kitty Porterfield

Canadian pro-life organization, Choice 42, recently released a new video that left abortion proponents fuming.

The short, satirical clip highlights the work of pregnancy resource centers and mocks the “pro-birth” label the left has assigned to the pro-life movement. In the video, Choice42 founder and director Laura Klassen and her masked partner pretend to break into a pregnancy resource center, referring to it as a “fake clinic” like pro-choice individuals and organizations often do.

“I actually like to refer to myself as a ‘pro-birther’ because I literally stop caring once the baby is born,” Klassen said at the beginning of the video.

Once the two successfully “broke in,” they began to fill the center with $2500 worth of diapers to give out to their clients.

“So tomorrow, when the doors open and women show up to take stuff for free, no one’s even going to be able to get in cause this fake clinic is so full of free stuff,” she said.

Using humor, the clip sheds light on a serious topic. Pregnancy resource centers are vital to women but are often overlooked or criticized by the pro-choice crowd. They can offer material, financial, and emotional aid to women who are struggling with pregnancy, motherhood, and prior abortions. This disproves the myth that pro-life individuals only care about preborn babies and do not offer any care for the mother or the baby after birth.

However, due to their pro-life and often faith-based foundations, they are ridiculed and called “fake clinics” by those who do not recognize or acknowledge the value of preborn life and the good these centers and clinics do.

There are currently around 2,700 pregnancy resource centers in the United States. They greatly outnumber abortion clinics, of which there are approximately 739.

As Klassen says in the video, “Anti-choice win!”

New Satirical Video Highlights Pregnancy Resource Centers
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