Choice42 Sponsors 6 Families For Christmas

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By Skyler Lee

Pro-choice advocates may claim pro-lifers only care about the preborn but Canadian pro-life organization, Choice42 is proving them wrong by sponsoring Christmas gifts for six mothers and their children.

Choice42 gathered names of mothers in need from Canadian Pregnancy Resource centers and chose six mothers who were definitely in need of some Christmas cheer. Through their Christmas Sponsorship Program, Choice42 opened an Amazon gift registry for each family asking for toys, diapers, clothing and more. After publishing each recipients' stories online on their website and sending out emails to their supporters about the program all of the gift registries had been completed after only 6 days!

The stories of need ranged from homeless, disowned, single and expecting mothers who want to better their lives for not only themselves but their children.

The recipients included Laure, Deborah, Kristi, Angie, Roberta, and Susan.

Laure was 18, no longer involved with the child’s father, homeless and estranged from her family when she found out she was pregnant. Her son is now 4 months old. She had grown up in multiple child group homes and had made friends who were involved in the sex industry including the baby’s father who is currently in prison for 8 counts of human trafficking. Upon finding out she was pregnant her family pressured her to abort but after seeing an ultrasound she chose life. She also walked away from the party lifestyle to be a better mom. She now takes care of her son and her mother who has polio.

Deborah is a mother of two and chose to parent despite being homeless. She takes classes at the pregnancy care center, volunteered and ended up even getting hired. Her number one goal is to be a good example to her kids.

Kristi is a single mother of 15-month-old daughter. Her pregnancy came as a shock since she was previously told she could not have kids. She has currently been unable to work due to her daughter’s medical needs.

Angie is a single mom to a seven-year-old daughter and expecting twins in March. Although, the father is not in the picture she is determined to raise her newborns no matter what it takes.

Roberta is a single and disabled mother. She has three children, a 4-year-old, 2-year-old, and one month old. She struggles monthly to provide for her children off of her disability check but does her absolute best to make it work.

Susan may have been pressured to get an abortion by her boyfriend and was disowned by her family for having a baby and not finishing school but she has stayed strong. Although she currently lives in shelter with her son she has enrolled back in school and is determined to make their future bright.

As can be seen all of these mothers were in need of a Christmas blessing and Choice42 as well as their generous donors helped make that happen!

Let Choice42 be an example that we as pro-life advocates and pregnancy centers are always open to helping families in need with material assistance and in any other way we can.

Thank you, to the leaders and donors at Choice42 for being champions for life!

To read all of the mothers’ full stories click HERE.

Choice42 Sponsors 6 Families For Christmas
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