In 2013, China’s health ministry reported over 330 million children had been aborted in China because of the One-Child Policy. However, victory for personal freedom and the culture of life may be on the horizon in the nation of China as the enforcement of this deadly policy may be coming to an end.

The One-Child Policy was originally instituted in 1980, when fears of overpopulation struck. Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping established the policy, which limited couples to having only one child to supposedly counteract a growing population.

Unfortunately, the policy primarily victimized females as baby boys were favored among the typical Chinese household, which has resulted in 30 million more men than women in the nation of China. Other deleterious effects of this horrid social experiment, which includes sex-selective abortions, abandonment, forced late-term abortions, and sterilizations, have caused the death of millions.

The One-Child Policy was in place for more than three decades until 2013, when the Chinese government eased the policy to allow eligible couples to have two children. Worrying statistics of a male-dominated society and low birth rates caused the Chinese government to relax the Two-Child Policy further in 2015.

However, recent reports suggest China is considering removing the Two-Child Policy altogether because of the below-average birth rate required to replace the population. Although this is the case, some experts have concluded these new efforts may not result in the improved birth rate.

“China’s number of births will continue to drop dramatically, considering a sharp decrease in the number of fertile women and declining fertility rates,” said Huang Wenzheng, a senior researcher at the Center for China and Globalization.

Obviously at the forefront of this thinking is the economy and how China’s workforce will fare in the future. It may be too little too late for birth rates with China’s elderly population estimated to be 400 million by 2030. However, this may signal the end of government-controlled birth and the disastrous consequences of the nation’s human rights abuses.

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