The impact of President Donald Trump’s administration on the pro-life community has been insurmountable. Before his 2016 election, many were unsure how pro-life his administration would be and whether or not he would actually make a difference. Fast forward to today, in the midst of re-election, any doubts have been cast aside after re-directing billions from Planned Parenthood and appointing numerous pro-life judges and officials to the courts. In doing so, it has been claimed that he is neglecting women’s health, but that is simply not the case. Though he instituted funding rules which Planned Parenthood decided not to follow (therefore losing that funding), this allowed the funds to be directed towards more ethical clinics which offer additional services for women and families.

President Trump has sworn to defend life at all stages and put his reputation on the line to stand up for his pro-life beliefs. This dedication to the pro-life movement has not gone unnoticed among pro-life advocates, including Father Frank Pavone, the National Director of the organization Priests for Life. He is also the President of the National Pro-Life Religious Council, a group of various Christian leaders working to abolish abortion. Father Frank Pavone recently met with President Trump at his re-election rally in Orlando, Florida. It was there he acknowledged the Trump administration’s contributions to the pro-life movement, saying many would declare him “the most pro-life president we ever had.” The media has been known to twist President Trump’s words, so Father Frank Pavone emphasized the importance of listening to his words directly, as opposed to a secondary news source. His actions speak louder than what the media implies. He has done more than what he is given credit for, including funding safer clinics which provide more, beneficial services for everyone — not just abortion like Planned Parenthood. In doing this, he is showing the American people he cares about their healthcare and is offering alternatives to Planned Parenthood.

Father Pavone also expressed how important it is this upcoming election cycle to “educate and mobilize the pro-life vote” and to expose the extremism of the Democratic abortion agenda for infanticide. It is important for Christians to join prayer efforts for the pro-life movement and ensure that other pro-life supporters are registered to vote. If the pro-life community educates others and joins together to acknowledge Trump’s pro-life victories, the re-election of pro-life President Trump will be possible, and the nation will be closer to ending harm to the preborn and exploitation of vulnerable women.

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