Many members of the Catholic Church are divided on the issue of abortion. As a whole, the Church takes the pro-life stance that life should be protected at all stages. However, some Catholics disagree and are in favor of abortion. Among some of these pro-choice Catholics are pro-choice politicians, including Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York, who signed a bill allowing abortions up until birth.

Unfortunately, Cuomo is not the first politician to support such a horrible law, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is also a pro-choice Catholic along with former vice president Joe Biden.

With abortion being brought to light in the government, some Catholic leaders have spoken out against pro-choice politicians.

The Chairman of the US Bishop’s Committee for Pro-Life Activities, Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City said, “I have found it necessary to request that they not present themselves to receive Holy Communion…”

Many pro-life Catholics are grateful and relieved to see a leader speak out on the controversial issue. Bishops believe that they have the responsibility to call Americans to conversion, including political leaders. It is important for Americans and politicians alike to be held accountable for their actions and not taint the name of the Catholic Church. They are an example to other Catholics and need to be living the faith, not abusing their power. These pro-choice politicians are explicitly going against the church every time they hinder the protection of life. It is important that they are held accountable and repent for these choices.

In addition to Archbishop Naumann, another Catholic leader has also spoken out about the issue.

Catholic Cardinal Raymond Burke said in an interview with Fox News that “They (pro-choice Catholic politicians) may not present themselves for Holy Communion, because they’re not in communion with Christ.”

He explained that it is not so much punishment as it is a favor so they are not sinning further by receiving Communion in a state of sin.

Communion in the Catholic Church is a sacred sacrament Catholics get to partake in during mass. Communion alone is the reason many Catholics choose the faith and stay in the Church. It is one of the most blessed sacraments Catholics get to partake in during every mass. To receive this blessing, Catholics are called to repent and confess their sins so when they present themselves for the Holy Eucharist they are in a state of Grace. In order to achieve this, practicing Catholics make sacrifices and reject sin so that they can be in that state of Grace for Communion. For all Christians, living in sin and rejecting sin is a constant struggle.

It is unfair for Catholic politicians to choose abortion and death against the Church and still be able to receive the body of Christ. It is hoped that even more Catholic leaders speak out and condemn Catholic pro-choice politicians and do not allow them to receive Communion.

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