For many Catholics, deciding who to vote for this election is more difficult than normal. On one hand is the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, who is out-spokenly Catholic yet advocates for abortion. On the other hand, there’s the Republican incumbent candidate, President Donald Trump, who is not Catholic, but unapologetically pro-life.

There has been much discussion on where the Catholic vote will land this election, Trump or Biden. Biden has been pandering hard calling himself Catholic, but Trump has been passing numerous executive orders during his last days of the term. He even appointed a Catholic, pro-life Justice to the Supreme Court.

Many Christian and Catholic leaders have come out to share their perspective on the best candidate for Catholics to choose. This is not the first election faithful Christians are torn on who to vote for, either. In the 2016 election, Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton, many leaders spoke up on who the best candidate was to support the Catholic Church’s values. One of the most famous ones in the 2016 was that of Father John Lankeit, a Priest in Phoenix, AZ. His pro-life voting homily quickly circulated around social media and reached over 1 million views where he courageously shares how voting for abortion can put your soul in jeopardy. His homily continues to circulate during this election as well.

Other strong, pro-life priests and Catholic leaders have endorsed Donald Trump and created a Catholics for Trump coalition. These leaders want to make it clear to other Catholics that Donald Trump is worthy of support on the basis that he has been excellent with sanctity of life legislation. The well-known Wisconsin Father Frank Pavone said the “question mark” of President Trump’s pro-life support has “turned into an exclamation point.” Trump has shown excessive support for the pro-life cause and Father Pavone says, “This is the most Catholic administration we’ve had in American history, both at a policy level and a personal level,” due to Trump’s ongoing support for the “sanctity of life, the family as the foundational social unit, and the necessity of religious liberty.”

With the Catholics for Trump coalition and priests speaking out on the importance of voting pro-life, Trump may end up with the Catholic vote, after all.

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