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Since the video of the hair stylist we identified as Jordan Hunt roundhouse kicking a female pro-life leader went viral earlier this week, the issue of violence by abortion supporters against life advocates has finally captured the attention of Canadians.

The story was covered by mainstream media outlets, who traditionally promulgate the false narrative of pro-lifers harassing women in order to justify so-called “bubble zones” around abortion clinics, and since then more videos highlighting this disturbing trend have been released.

A second video released by the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform showed a previous assault by Jordan Hunt on a young woman who was sidewalk counseling. Another video depicted abortion supporters punching pro-lifers and threatening them with a baseball bat, among other things. Additionally, Toronto Against Abortion, released a video of a pro-choice activist attacking a pro-life woman at Ryerson University earlier this week.

In response, Member of Parliament Garnett Genuis published a letter calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who has frequently accused pro-lifers of being unCanadian, to condemn “politically motivated violence” specifically directed against pro-life advocates.

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer followed up Genuis’ statement, writing on Facebook, “no woman should ever fear for her safety on Canadian streets simply because of her personal convictions. I condemn this outrageous and unprovoked attack in the strongest terms.”

Genuis also created a petition calling on Trudeau to condemn the events noting that, “Canadians need to know that the prime minister will oppose any violence against anyone, including those with whom he disagrees.”

It has already accrued over 5,000 signatures.

So far, Justin Trudeau has not responded, making it obvious that he and the pro-abortion media are extremely displeased that the narrative they have used to justify consistent political attacks on pro-lifers is falling apart before their eyes.


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