California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a new law, known as SB 742, on October 8, 2021, that made it illegal to approach an individual outside a facility that offered vaccination services. While this may not seem like a pro-life issue at first glance, it significantly impacted the work that the pro-life group, Right to Life of Central California, could do because their office is located directly next to Planned Parenthood. ⁣⁣

Right to Life explained in court documents that much of their work was done empathetically engaging in conversation with women outside the abortion center. However, since Planned Parenthood offers the HPV vaccine, it became a protected site under Newsom’s law. This law prevented sidewalk counseling since it could criminalize anyone who attempted to interact with women as they approached the abortion center.⁣⁣

Consequently, Right to Life of Central California is seeking to overturn this law on the basis that it is an unconstitutional restriction of free speech.⁣⁣

The trial is still in process, but the court temporarily blocked the law on November 1, allowing sidewalk counselors and other pro-life groups to resume prayer and advocacy outside abortion centers.⁣⁣

Pro-life groups will never stop speaking out and will continue to defend each preborn child’s right to life. We applaud Right to Life of Central California for their courage in calling out unconstitutional restrictions and continuing to fight for the preborn.⁣⁣

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Libby writes from the perspective of a trained mental health counselor, mother, and wife. She seeks to defend the preborn using both science and empathy for mothers and babies.

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